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  1. toscho
    WCEU 2016 Contributor
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Loading the translation page the “Scripting Guard” informs me about dubious external scripts:

    Malfunction at dubious external scripts detected !
    Reason: unknown external script has been enqueued or hardly attached. | Polluter: unknown (probably by Theme or Plugin)
    Below listed external scripts have been traced, verified and automatically stripped because of injection:
    [debug-bar] - http://plugins.wp/debug-bar/js/debug-bar.dev.js
    [hook:admin_head#0] - http://plugins.wp/codestyling-localization/js/prototype.js
    [hook:admin_head#4] - http://plugins.wp/codestyling-localization/js/wp-scriptaculous.js
    [hook:admin_head#5] - http://plugins.wp/codestyling-localization/js/effects.js

    And this is the reason why nothing works on that page.

    JavaScript error on load:

    Uncaught exception: TypeError: 'Object.extend' is not a function
    Error thrown at line 4840, column 0 in http://single.wp/wp-admin/tools.php?page=codestyling-localization/codestyling-localization.php:
    Object.extend(Array.prototype, {

    … and when clicking a link:

    Uncaught exception: TypeError: '$' is not a function
    Error thrown at line 4909, column 1 in csp_add_language(elem, type, name, row, path, subpath, existing, type, simplefilename, transtemplate, textdomain, denyscan) in http://single.wp/wp-admin/tools.php?page=codestyling-localization/codestyling-localization.php:
    elem = $(elem);
    called from line 1, column 0 in <anonymous function>(event) in http://single.wp/wp-admin/tools.php?page=codestyling-localization/codestyling-localization.php:
    csp_add_language(this, 'plugins', 'bbPress v2.2.4', 'mo-list-4', 'F:/Dropbox/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/', 'languages/bbpress-', this.rel, 'plugins', '', 'F:/Dropbox/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/languages/bbpress.pot', 'bbpress', 0);

    single.wp is my domain for a single-site instance, plugins.wp is the plugin domain.


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