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  • Would this explain why plugin suddenly stopped working? Was fine till I turned site over to owner and once she added some captions and titles, the gallery no longer appears on the pages, although source code shows the gallery being called with image info.

    WP Easy Gallery has been restored. After updating the GPL license, the WordPress team reactivated the repository page: (

    Thanks guys!


    I don;t think that is the problem. It is most likely a conflict with another plugin that was loaded at the time it stopped working. I’ll take a look at the link and get back to you if I see anything.

    I seem to be in a similar position to jodyegg – I can get gallery thumbnails to appear on a page just fine, but clicking a gallery thumbnail does nothing at all. The source code shows that all the info is there, image URLs etc, but I can’t view any gallery images.

    On a separate note, is it right that gallery names and descriptions don’t appear anywhere? That would be extremely useful.

    Any suggestions/thoughts? Client’s getting antsy and I liked this plugin so much… I hate to start looking for an alternative. Thanks

    The problem appears to be a conflict with your directory structure. The plugins are being referenced at /wp-content/plugins/..., while other theme assets are referenced at /<em>wordpress</em>/wp-content/. It also appears that several of your rich fonts are having the same problem.

    could that be caused by an error with my permalinks or .htaccess file? I know this is stretching the parameters of supporting your plugin but perhaps it would help others as well. WordPress is installed in it’s own directory and I directed index.php there when launching the site… but saw no .htaccess errors to correct.. did I miss something? at a loss thank you so much for your patience

    Thanks again for your help… modified the /wp-easy-gallery.php to define the path and now everything’s fine.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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