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  • Resolved raddevon


    I would love to use your plugin, but it seems to collapse all the paragraphs on my posts into a single paragraph. While I want to insure single-spacing between sentences, the cost of having all text in a single paragraph is a bit too high for this functionality. Is this the intended function of the plugin, or have I discovered a bug?

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  • Plugin Author Josh Eaton


    This is not the intended function of the plugin, and I haven’t seen this behavior anywhere else. Do you have a link where you can show me what’s happening?

    Are you using any other plugins that are modifying your content on display?

    I usually find whenever my content runs together, it’s because I’ve copied and pasted into the editor and my HTML is full of random <div> tags instead of getting wrapped in <p> tags. My plugin doesn’t do anything to the wpautop filter or any HTML tags, it only takes duplicated unicode whitespace characters and replaces them with one character. If you are spacing our your paragraphs somehow with whitespace instead of paragraph tags, I could see that being an issue.

    This occurred retroactively on a post that was displaying properly before installing and activating the plugin. I’m running a fairly minimal plugin set right now, and I can’t see any other active plugins that might change content. At the moment, I have a Twitter auto-poster, Akismet, Feedburner Email Widget, and a plugin that adds “pending review” posts to the dashboard.

    I was able to use Chrome’s inspect feature to deduce that paragraphs had been collapsed into a single paragraph. Once the plugin was disabled, the paragraph spacing was back and, according to Chrome’s inspector, the paragraph tags were back as well.

    I have since deleted the plugin from our site, but I should be able to reinstall it on our test site to see if the behavior is the same. Once I’ve had an opportunity, I will come back here and post a link so that you may take a look. Thanks for the help!

    Plugin Author Josh Eaton


    Ok. It could also be a conflict with the theme you are running. I don’t see a reason why any of those plugins would conflict. Unfortunately I haven’t seen this behavior with any other users.

    Sorry you are having trouble with it. Let me know if I can help out.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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