[resolved] [closed] plugin: Remove Blog Slug for resolving multisite url confusion? (36 posts)

  1. gmax111
    Posted 5 years ago #

    It's bad because they can change it and thusly break their links.

    Of course they shouldn't change their permalinks! Have you ever met a client who always does exactly what they should, all the time? :D

    Not sure if im missing something but if you go into the client sites permalink settings, the /blog/ is not there which means they can't really screw anything up. The client sites permalinks start from that sites name.. eg domain.com/Client_Site/hello-world/

    Im using a sub-directory install. lets say you change /blog/ to a static term like /cheese/ (via network_admin>site>edit>settings)

    As long as you black-list cheese in the "Banned Names" field (via network_admin>settings) so clients can't create sites called cheese, you wont have any problems with permalinks colliding..

    RIGHT?¿? or am i completely missing something?

    Im new to WPMU so forgive me if i've made this post out of ignorance..

  2. Ah. What I meant was this:

    I install a MultiSite for a client and remove the /blog/ slug.

    Main site = domain.com
    Main site blog post = domain.com/2010/foobar/

    Subsites are per usual.

    The client says 'You know, I want my posts to be domain.com/2010/01/foobar. I can just change that, it'll work AND canonical URLs will fix it for me! Win!' (whcih is true).

    Client goes into permalinks, changes it, and ... wait. NOW the blog posts are domain.com/blog/2010/01/foobar

    Angry email ensues.

  3. Jeff Sebring
    Posted 5 years ago #

    If a client changes the configuration of a site, that is their choice. This is software, not a toy that needs to be childproofed in my opinion.

    In a setup where they did not have network admin access for some reason, I could see where this would be more of a problem.

    If they are technically savvy enough to change url structures without consulting their developer/seo, they are savvy enough to learn to do it right.

    I would actually rather them call me because they broke the site and have it fixed in minutes, than call because all their rankings are gone because they broke all their backlinks.

  4. Hell, Jeff, that's why I said 'Like clients ever do what they SHOULD.'

    No, it shouldn't be childproofed, BUT when YOUR clients experience the unexpected, I believe two things:

    1) Forewarned is forearmed.

    2) Mitigating angry complaints is a good thing.

    So my suggestion is to use this sparingly, and certainly NOT without explaining to the clients that an upgrade MIGHT break it, so if they want to change permalinks, or upgrade WordPress, call you FIRST.

    Cause in my experience, that's just good business.

    As I'm sure you know, you can put in a damned .htacess to look for YYYY/(.*) and redirect it to /blog/YYYY/$1 and abrogate link loss.

    Remember: What YOU are doing is NOT supported by WP, you are making use of a BUG, and there is NO promise this bug will remain available for your use with subsequent iterations of WordPress. So be SMART and save YOURSELF angst :)

    Now that YOU know what YOU are getting into, you can make an educated choice. Though I promise this: if you come back in 3 months, bitching that WP changed it again, I will do a little dance and tell you 'Told you so.'

  5. scrollpost
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I registered just to make a post on this thread.

    Requiring /blog for WPMU has got to be one of the most brain dead programming decisions I've seen in a long time.

    I am aware of the logic and I believe it is stupid.

    I make no apologies for my bluntness!

    One doesn't screw the "masses" to eliminate the problems of the possible careless few.

    This doesn't get the "Charlie Sheen Winning" Award.

  6. scrollpost - This is a support topic. If you want to help the discussion, that would be appreciated. Otherwise, it's not really appropriate here. Which is why I'm not gonna debate you and just close the topic. We're kinda done here for now.

    If anyone has ideas on how to code a way around this, jump in and start coding! It would be appreciated.

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