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  • Although this plugin will stop working when twitter turn off RSS support completely, it looks like twitter have changed something in the interim, and this plugin has stopped working.

    If you want a quick fix for now, edit the plugin file ‘reliable-twitter.js’, on line 19, change the rss url in the brackets to:

    (“” + accountid)

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  • Tnx 🙂

    FYI: I also had to paste that link + acountid into the Custom RSS field in the widget.

    Tried replacing that line, doesn’t work for me.

    An example where I have done this is still working, so perhaps look at some of the other solutions on here – is the twitter account unlocked?

    It may also be worth trying changing http to https in that url – I remember from another plugin that this can help, or it’s specific to different twitter accounts or something.

    I’ve given up with plugins and twitter tbh, I’ve not found one yet that is reliable and doesn’t break after a short time. I’ve used this recently – it’s just as easy to add it in your templates manually than installing/tweaking different plugins.

    Good luck 🙂

    Aha, I changed the user name to user ID and now it seems ok.

    Thanks for the reply, and the tip about seaofclouds, that looks cool, totally agree about twitter plugins.


    None of those solutions worked for me, but knowing that the feed works using user names instead of the ID, I used this instead:
    (“” + accountid)

    Then I replaced the user ID with the user name instead.

    Hi theresavs, thanks for the info. I always found RSS easy to work with too, but twitter are dropping support for RSS in favour of json.

    A little snippet such as the following would get the latest twitter post using their json format:

    $twinfo = json_decode(file_get_contents(''));
    <p><?php echo $twinfo[0]->status->text; ?></p>

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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