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  • I just have a question. I did a backup of by database after installing relevansse and noticed that it grew a lot in size since my last backup.

    After checking into it I discovered that the relevanssi database table is larger than all my other database tables combined. How could this be?
    My database is about 100MBs and relevanssi sql is 170.

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  • Just to clarify the database without or before installing relevanssi was 100MB and now it’s 270MBs from which the relevanssi table is 170MBs.

    Also the search process is very slow, even though I tried to change the settings to accomodate speed.
    Any tips would be welcome.

    Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    That’s a bit much… Relevanssi database should have a lot more rows than your wp_posts database, but it shouldn’t be very large. For example, I have a site with about thousand posts: wp_posts is 9,900 rows and 70 MB, while wp_relevanssi is 250,000 rows and 25 MB.

    How many posts you have? Your database sounds large to me, which may mean it’s too large for Relevanssi. Previous experience says Relevanssi stops being usable when the database size reaches 100,000 posts or so. Relevanssi hasn’t been optimized for large databases, it’s a simple blog search engine that will handle thousands of posts just fine and will do with tens of thousands, but hundreds of thousands will be too much.

    Make sure you enable “Limit searches” and adjust it to something fairly small, 100 or maybe even less. That should give a significant performance boost in many cases, though with a really large database it may not be enough.

    I have 1338 posts.
    I set the limit to 39 posts.
    The thing I don’t understand is how relevanssi could be larger than everything else combined.

    Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    Well, it certainly can’t be the posts, unless they’re very, very long. What else are you indexing? Do you have thousands and thousands of comments? Lots of attachments? Do you have sensible set of stopwords in use?

    I have some 3300 comments and I’m not indexing attachments, which I don’t have so much of anyway.
    I added stopwords for my secondary language that were suggested by the plugin.
    Right not my site is down as it’s being moved to a private server so I can’t check to see details. Will be back online soon.

    I too am having similar problems with database size. My wp_posts = 8,106 items = 70MB. The table wp_relevanssi has grown to 365,112 records = 32.7MB total.

    As you can see there are a lot of posts and there are quite a few that are longer than a couple of thousand words.

    At the moment I have to split my backup (wp_relevanssi vs everything else) to ensure that the backup is completed within the max execution time.

    Any tips/advice will be welcome.

    Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    Sorry, but no help for you tedinoz – your numbers look normal, and that’s really the expected behaviour from Relevanssi. The large index is the price you pay to get the better results.

    Doe3, in your case it just might be comments that are bloating up the database. Nothing much you can do about it, really, and version 3.1.6 actually makes the database even slightly larger in order to get better performance in searches.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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