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  • Resolved dbm44


    Have a number of post on our site which have been updated and republished using the same title but with updated date and content.

    Relevanssi is showing the new post correctly within the search results but is also showing the old posts as just the title, with no content.

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  • Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    There have been cases where Relevanssi has shown old revisions of the posts, because they have the wrong post type: they should be “revision”, but they’re “post”. I think this was caused by the Post Type Switcher plugin. Do you use that plugin?

    If you don’t use Post Type Switcher, then the problem lies probably with Relevanssi not deleting index records properly. I’ll check for that.

    Thanks for your reply.

    No we do not use the Post Type Switcher plugin.

    I have only noticed the old posts since the 3.0 upgrade, so it may have been happening before or it may just heve started with the new version

    Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    Does reindexing the database help? Can you be more specific: what kind of versions are you seeing? Are they old revisions, or something else?

    No reindexing the database does not help, they are still there

    We periodically delete old revisions of the post from the database.

    What it appears to be showing is the post from the very first date it was published. However it is only showing the post title and the date, no other content

    Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    Could it be caused by something else than the 3.0 upgrade? I just can’t see how something like that would get into Relevanssi index, especially if you delete old revisions. 3.0 has new indexing process, but it’s copied from Relevanssi Premium, where it has worked for a long time without problems – so the code should be ok.

    So, I’m thinking there’s something else going on. Especially if reindexing doesn’t help. Any plugins that could cause problems?

    Anyway, here are instructions on how to debug Relevanssi indexing issues. You might want to check them out, in case the problem is in indexing (if it’s not, then we can debug searching).

    Thanks for your prompt replies on this issue

    As a test we removed the 3.0 relevanssi plugin and went back to version 2.9.41. With this version we are not seeing any old post issues, so sorry but it looks like there is something going on with Version 3

    Am about to go on holiday so will leave the plugin at the old version and look at it again when I come back

    Thanks again

    Plugin Author Mikko Saari


    Ok, so it looks like a bug in 3.0. That’s certainly possible. When you have time, I’d appreciate if you could dig a bit futher in this, in case I can’t reproduce the error on my sites.

    Just tested with the new 3.02 update and looks like it has solved the problem – whatever it was.

    Thanks again for your help

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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