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    First, I love this plugin! It is very beautiful. Works well with my over-all design, and inplements simply and easily. However, it gives me a jquery conflict with my homepage scroller.

    I am using the ThemeForest theme “LondonLive” It has a home page scroller.

    By trial and error, commenting-out files and then blocks of code, I have determined that the conflict happens when in rehabtabs.php on line 82 the script calls for wp_enqueue_script( 'jquery-ui-tabs' ); When I comment-out this line the scroller and sidebar tabs work again.

    As I am committed to using this theme, I will have to deactivate your rehabtabs until we can resolve this issue.

    Please let me know if I can help you test an fixes.

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  • Plugin Author Grant Mangham


    I’m glad you like the plugin, though I can’t take credit for the beauty of the jQuery UI tabs. This tabs scripts is packaged with WP, so simply enqueueing should not cause any issues.

    Is your site live, and if so where?

    I currently have rehabtabs turned off but the WP install is at:

    It is using this theme:

    The page I want to tab is:
    Currently I am just using internal links on a single page but that’s pretty clunky.

    If you want to work on diagnosing this with me I’d be glad to arrange a time to do so.

    Plugin Author Grant Mangham


    Unfortunately the problem is with your theme. The slideshow also uses the jQuery UI tabs component, but rather than using the version that ships with WordPress, the theme is including its own minified version. Perhaps your theme was built before WP started including jQuery UI, or perhaps it’s just poorly designed, I can’t say.

    Rehabtabs checks that the shipped version isn’t already included in your page before loading it itself, but it can’t check for randomly minified scripts that have been included in other plugins/themes.

    So basically your site is loading jQuery UI tabs twice, which is causing the issue.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help.


    This is great information and just want I was looking for! I will pass your information on to the theme developer.

    In the meantime, I’d like to try modifying the theme myself. Unfortunately I am a “PHP Tweaker” not a PHP Coder so if you could give me some idea of what I am looking for in the code, or even how your plugin checks for the shipped version of jQuery UI it will at least give me a place to start.

    Again, and either way, thank you very much for your time and insight.


    Plugin Author Grant Mangham


    The line that you commented out used wp_enqueue_script – this is the WP method of checking for and including scripts:

    Your theme uses UI tabs for the 4 thumbnails within the slideshow. It calls jquery-ui.min.js, which is the theme’s version of jQuery UI. You’d be best off consulting the theme developer for more details.

    Feel free to rate my plugin if you were happy with it otherwise!

    Just as a followup: I have been in communication with the theme developer and he is concerned about this conflict and will look to correct it “so no one else has to do deal with this issue. I’ll be sure to let you know once it’s updated thank you for letting me know.”

    And thank you vancoder for your help!

    Follow-up on this issue:

    Here are a series of excerpts from the my theme’s (LondonLive) developer :

    On 5/7/2012 4:20 PM, Sky Finley wrote:
    Hey, I’m still looking into this problem. I have found some of the scripts that are causing the problem. I tried a few methods, Like disabling all my scripts. But this did not work. If the developer of the plugin was correct me disabling my scripts should have worked. Because the script for the slider would still be included within his plugin. Instead it still did not work. I’m trying to figure out which scripts are interfering so I can understand why this is happening. Sorry this is taking so long complex issue’s always do.
    On 5/9/2012 10:15 PM, Sky Finley wrote:
    > Yes, At this point I’ve found the code that’s interfering with the scripts. I’m trying to disable them by registering the same script as them. This way it will include the files for the plugins as well as the needed scripts for the slider. I will keep you posted on the progress.
    Ok, I’ve officially come to a few conclusions. When a plugin breaks a theme, Both parties will assume there is nothing wrong with their work and blame on the other person. Well I’ve tested this plugin numerous times and he’s right it works on some of my other theme’s but it does not work On London Live I’ve tried deleting his scripts and mines and to no eval. So if you need tabs there is a million plugins that will work without even using jquery. If you need my help I will gladly help you with this. Also I checked the other plugin it seems to work fine no problems for me. Sorry this has taken so long I nearly tested for a whole week.

    So I installed another tab script (postTabs) and it does work on the LondonLive theme. However the Automatic NewsLetter plugin still doesn’t work.

    So at this point I just assumed that it was still a problem with the theme that the developer couldn’t find… I thought that until today…

    I have created a child theme for a client based on TwentyTen and the only additional jQuery used on the site was RehabTabs. Then I installed the paid version of Nivo Slider WP plugin on the site. Even though the tabbing of RehabTabs between tabs still works, it has lost the transition effect. When I turn off Nivo, the transition works, when I turn it on, the transition doesn’t.

    Does this give you any additional information about what could be going on with your plugin?

    Plugin Author Grant Mangham



    I can’t really help you much further as I don’t have access to either your theme or nivoslider.

    If you’d like to make either of these available for download somewhere, I’d be happy to investigate further.

    Thank you for wanting to help on this.

    Because both the theme and Nivo are licensed I can not send copies of them to you but… Over the weekend I will set up a mock WP site on one of my servers and load the theme and Nivo on it and give you the access so you can play. Please email me so I can send the login info: trishah [at] trishah dot com

    Follow Up:

    Okay, we have gotten to the bottom of this issue. Thank you vancoder for your above-and-beyond help with this!

    Turns out the developer of the theme is enqueueing his jQuery files properly. The problem is that they are from 2009 and many things have changed in jQuery since then. Therefore, these old files will conflict more and more as time goes one.

    This issue is definitively a theme problem NOT anything to do with RehabTabs coding.

    Again, thank you vancoder for finally getting to the bottom of the problem!

    Best wishes, Trishah

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