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  • Hopefully it’s OK to put a feature request in – that’s why I have marked this as a “non-support” topic…

    I have a WP blog (2.6.2 currently) where I’d like to enforce a given email domain for new user registrations – i.e., as a poor man’s membership blog. Members will be issued an address from a given domain, so when they register on the blog, they’ll be automatically validated (provided there’s no duplicate of course).

    Blacklisting seems well integrated, but would it be (easily) possible to limit registration to one (or perhaps a selection from several) specific domains? Is there a hack to accomplish that?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • if u may explain more, then i would be able to help

    i cant get what are u trying to say

    Thanks! I’m sorry I didn’t express myself more clearly. I’ll try again: I want registration of new users on a WP blog restricted to a certain, given domain. Let’s suppose the email domain is – I want people to be able to register only if they have an email address from that domain, like – if they input an email address from any other domain, the registration would be refused.

    What I meant with “poor man’s member blog” is this: using a specific email domain to restrict registration, you also control who can register (if you also control who gets email addresses that is). Using a certain domain to restrict registration (or access even, but that’s not my intent) you have what’s called a whitelist. It’s the opposite approach of a blacklist, which is a list of a few certain domains, that you want exclude from registering. The Register Plus plugin already supports blacklists; it doesn’t support whitelists.

    Im looking for this solution as well.
    It seems its only available for wordpress MU.

    Anyone out there with an answer for this?
    Thanks in advance.

    It sounds like the Restrict Registration plugin will do what you’re looking for.

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