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  • Hi Dave,

    Your post above implies that WP Register Plus is basically working for you, so I wonder if I may ask you a question…

    I have Register Plus setup (installed + activated + setting). My WP Blog is on a web page built by JustHost SiteBuilder. I saw the plug-in under JustHost file directory.

    However, no traces of this plug-in can be found when running it.

    What should I expect to see after setup?

    My Goal: Have a WP Blog plug-in to automatically prompt users for Register/Login information before they can write a comment.

    Will Register Plus do what I want?

    p.s. I think I read all the available text describing this Plug-in but could not find an answer.

    Many Thanks…Mimi

    Hello mimitam,

    It sounds like you wish users to be registered to post a comment. This functionality is built into WordPress under “Settings > Discussion” you need to check “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”. This will prompt users to register if they wish to post a comment.

    Register Plus adds further functionality to the WordPress registration process including additional fields and custom emails. The plugin is not related, nor does it effect the requirement for only registered users to use the blog.

    If the plugin has been successfully installed there will be an additional option under “Settings > Register Plus”. As far as I’m aware by default this plugin won’t do anything to the front end or register process until settings on that page have been altered (i.e. all the default settings of register plus mimic the functionality of the default sign up process).

    Hope this help.


    Hi Dave,

    I just found this plugin and it looks great. I’m still a newbie so I’m wondering how do I attach this plugin to a page or is there a way i can reference it in the sidebar perhaps.

    Thanks in advance

    @daveredfern: I’m looking for the exact same functionality. Got Register Plus all setup and ready to go. Anyone know how to do this?

    @bridc – as far as I know you can’t move the registration form using this plugin, it simply adds fields. If you’re trying to style the registration, login and profile check out a plugin called Customise Your Community ( which can work in conjunction with register plus.

    @brianmcculloh – I have managed to get it working. Currently it is a bit hacky but sometime today or tomorrow morning I will convert it to a plugin which you can simply activate then :). In short what I did was use the auto login features built into WordPress and then using php sessions stored their desired username and log them in and redirect it to the homepage. Not the best but it works.


    @daveredfern: I’m also looking for the exact same autologin extension for Register Plus. Your description sounds promising, but I don’t have enough experience, especially with sessions, to do this by myself. Any chance you could post some code?


    @daveredfern: I’m also trying to get the register redux to autologin after registration. Can you let us know how to do this?

    Thanks so much!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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