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    I’ve checked the “Show Invitation Code Tracking widget on Dashboard.” but the widget never appears. Everything else seems to work fine.

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  • Plugin Author radiok


    Galyn, wow, good catch, I found the problem, that’s been broken for a long time, since like 3.6.10! Anyway, I fixed that up, it’s working now on the trunk, which is to say, you would have to manually download the zip file and upload the plugin by hand via FTP or what have you. This is will be rolled into 3.7 which should be out soon I think.

    Awesome glad I could help. 🙂

    Headed out to update. 🙂

    I feel like an idiot. I can’t seem to find where to download the trunk version.

    Plugin Author radiok


    Your not an idiot, I should have explained, they make it about as clear as day. Regardless, here’s a link.

    Plugin Author radiok


    When I say that make it as clear as day I meant that with sarcasm, rereading that it might seem like I was insulting you. They really don’t make it easy to find latest releases.

    Thanks! And no, I didn’t feel insulted. Got the plugin updated and it works now.

    Plugin Author radiok


    Galyn, I think that’ widget’s pretty weak, let me know if you have any idea how it could be more useful. I with thinking maybe if you could click on the invite code it would list all the users registered under that invite code or something like that. Any thing that would be useful to you is interesting to me.

    Well, after seeing the widget, I realized that invitation codes don’t work like I thought they did. I originally thought they were a 1 to 1 user ratio. Not a big deal, but definitely changes my perspective a bit. 🙂

    Anyway, my suggestions for the widget:

    1. Create invitation codes from the widget
    2. Send an email (or create a printable) invite to people from the widget, with instructions on how to sign up etc. Email template would be set in the plugin options.
    3. Your idea to see which accounts signed up under a specific invitation code is something I’d like to see as well.

    Now, even though you didn’t ask, I’m going to give my wishlist for the invitation codes themselves, but first, boring info. of how I’m using your plugin.

    I’m using your plugin along with the Simple:Press bulletin board system to create a members section for our church’s website. The idea was that the invitation codes would allow the members to sign up at their leisure without my having to create a whole account for them. If they ended up leaving the congregation, I’d deactivate their invitation code and their account. This makes for some great security as no one can sign up without my intervention.

    So here are some suggestions based on my specific wants:

    1. Have the code able to be expired manually, or automatically (see #2.)
    2. Ability to limit # of times a code can be used.
    3. Have the system auto-generate X number of codes.

    To take that idea further, though not specifically for my uses:

    3. A public side widget that lets someone generate/send invite codes to their friends. (Think of it like how google did gmail and wave, limiting the times a user can send an invite.)

    Plugin Author radiok


    There’s definitely some great food for thought there. Thank you for your feedback, I’ll try to implement as many of these changes as soon as I can.



    Just to add…

    I just installed version 3.6.22

    I initially had the invitation code on for the user profile, but have since unchecked it. I created a temp subscriber user and noticed that the “Additional Information” – Invitation Code information is still listed in their profile. I’m in the process of seeing if another plugin is causing it. On an older test subscriber profile it didn’t show up with it checked or unchecked.

    Plugin Author radiok


    shawn.wyatt, you are absolutely right, currently, Redux does not check to see if Invitation Code is enabled, if at anytime a user used an invitation code, it’ll show up on their profile, even if you later disable the feature. The quick fix is to remove the user’s invitation code from the database via the backend. This did raise two issues for me, a) the invitation code field shouldn’t be read only for admin’s, and b) should the code be shown if the feature is disabled, I’m guessing I’ll need to add a new option in the settings page to resolve that quandary.

    Plugin Author radiok


    shawn.wyatt, I’ve decided to change the default behavior, the Invitation Code is shown only if enabled, the reverse problem now exists, whereas the field is shown regardless of whether a user has an Invitation Code or not.

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