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  • I have suggestion for one important improvement of this plugin. My suggestion is to make it possible to use custom user_meta name instead of one that is always based on fields label. Why?

    1. If you change label, user_meta name is changed too so you need to change old user_meta names in database too or you will lose data submitted to those fields.
    2. You can’t connect those fields to other application or plugin. For example, bbPress (software that runs this forum and that can be integrated with WordPress) has it’s own profile fields with own user_meta names and one could like to have those fields in WordPress too.
    3. If you used other plugin or custom code that used old user_meta names, you would like to migrate them over.

    How this can be solved? By adding third input text field in “Additional Fields” section of settings where user can enter user_meta name. If left blank, user_meta would be created with standard procedure from label.

    If you need help with implementing this, I can do that.

    I have other possible improvements that I will write here but this is very important to me now and I would like to solve it.

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  • Plugin Author radiok


    Milan, I’ve actually already implemented this feature for the next release of Redux. If you are eager to try it out now you can download the development version, available here:

    I’d be interested to hear any other feedback you have. I do have several other things in development including WordPress MU and organizable default fields (first name, last name, etc.). I’m actually implementing these in a way very similar to what you are looking to accomplish for bbPress.

    Thank you for fast response. It looks like what I wanted but it doesn’t work, ie. value for this field is not saved to database. When you save changes, field has value you submitted but if you refresh page old value will still be there.

    My other suggestions are mostly related to improvements of performance of this plugin. This is area where it isn’t doing good job. For example, you load large options on every page load, you check for unverified users that need to be deleted on every page load on admin, you do check some things out of hooks etc.

    Specifically, I suggest that you use WP cron for scheduling of users’ deleting, moving some of large parts of code (settings, footer etc) to external files that are loaded conditionally, moving everything inside of WordPress hooks which means loading only when needed etc.

    Other improvements would be usage of uninstall hook for removing of plugin’s data and more i18n friendlier way of string form.

    If you are interested, I can give you a detailed possible changes and even try to make a patch but I can’t promise that I’ll be very fast in that.

    At the end, I would like to ask you two questions: is it possible to migrate Register Plus data and have you looked at this?


    Is there any easy way to reuse the custom fields I had for Register Plus in the Register Plus Redux plugin. I have a whole user base that I’d like to continue seeing the custom and required fields in the new plug in.



    In development version of a plugin there is an option to use custom meta names.

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