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    We’re already able to customize the email sent to a user and the admin at time of registration. However, without modifying the code itself, there is no way to modify the email sent to the user after the account has been verified by the admin.

    Can we change that somehow?


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  • Plugin Author radiok


    OK, I made some conceptual changes to the way user notification works, if neither email verification, or admin verification are enabled, they will get either the default message, or the custom message specified. If email verification is enabled they will get a simple message with a link, once they activate they will get either the default message, or the custom message. Finally, if admin verification is enabled, they get NO message until the admin verifies the user, at which point they get either the default message or the custom message.

    So, with you administrating new users, you can determine what message they get by editing the custom message.

    Plugin Author radiok


    Also with admin verification, if the admin refused the user, they get no message.

    awesome…sounds like that should work for me.

    I’m wondering if I have settings set correctly as well.

    We would like members to receive an e-mail as soon as they register, letting them know that their account will be reviewed and they should gain access to the site within 24 hours.

    Then, once they’re verified and activated, we’d like them to receive a follow-up email letting them know the account is now active.

    However, the check box next to Custom Verification Message is not active or able to be checked.

    So they’re receiving the first message and not the second (follow-up approval e-mail).

    We have:

    Email verification turned off
    Admin verification turned on
    Custom New User Message is turned on (with the initial e-mail in the field)
    Custom Verification Message is not accessible to enable or disable its “grayed out”
    Custom Admin Notification is turned on

    And I think those are all the relevant settings. Is there something else we should do to send a follow-up email once the accounts are activated?

    Plugin Author radiok


    jdblundell, the custom verification message is for email verification only. With email verification, a message is sent to the email entered during registration with a link to verify that email address. So, with that enabled you may want to change what that specific email says.

    In your case, the Admin Verification Message should say “blah blah, you should gain access within 24 hours”. There’s not much point to sending a message to that effect, I know for me, I would delete it without even thinking about it. What does matter, is the New User Message, which the user will only get AFTER you have approved the user. That will let them know they have access and remind them of their username and/or password.


    This is not currently how the plug-in is working. I have admin verification enabled (and email verification disabled), and it’s sending my custom new user email BEFORE admin verification (rather than waiting until verification).

    After verification, it’s sending a separate verification email that I cannot customize unless I go and change the code of the plugin (and I don’t know PHP code well enough to do this).

    So, I just wanted to let you know that how you described the email notification system for admin-approved users doesn’t seem to be how the plug-in is currently working.

    Unless I’m mistaken…


    Sorry, I didn’t have the updated plug-in (Register Plus Redux).

    Shame on me.

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