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  • My mistake. I misunderstood the ‘Profile’ checkbox. This box must be ticked if you want the information to be saved and displayed on the profile page. I thought this checkbox meant it would display it to the administrator only but hide it from the user.

    If the checkbox is unchecked, I now realize you can include this information in a custom email.

    All is well. Great plugin!

    Plugin Author radiok


    I’m glad you figured that out Josh, I have a bajillion emails and message I need to respond to, it’s great whenever something resolves itself!

    Ha! My understanding is clearer BUT please consider the following…

    I have one text field ‘Transaction ID’.

    When the ‘Profile’ box is unticked, I am signed in as an administrator, and I create a new user from the Register form, then the ‘Transacion ID’ is saved and displayed on the profile page with a (hidden) message.

    However, if I am not logged in, and I create a new user, this information is not saved and displayed. The ‘Transaction ID’ is left empty.

    Ideally, I would like to collect and store this information and keep it hidden from the user. This does not appear to be working properly.

    Am I misinterpreting something?

    Plugin Author radiok


    You aren’t, but I haven’t implemented a one-time write field yet. If I am to understand, you want a field that can be edited by an admin, but only written by the user during registration, not at any other time. Is that correct?

    Yes, that is correct. I want to collect the information from the user upon registration and preferably hide it from their profile screen, or have the field be disabled=”disabled”.

    If you don’t think this feature is useful, please do not worry about it.

    I suppose I can manually include the custom field data in the ‘Custom Admin Notification’ email I recieve. Then when add the ‘Transaction ID’ to the users profile when I go to approve it.

    The ‘Profile’ checkbox must be ticked for the data to show up on the profile page and to use %transaction_id% in a custom email.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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