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  • Today after the update to latest version of redux, my registration no more sends emails to admin and no to user.
    A seconde issue is can’t no more translatee to my language. I tried to translate again from .pot and nothing works.

    PLease help

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  • Plugin Author radiok


    Plugin Author radiok


    Also, what language are you using?

    I was using pt_BR.
    Now, I receiving email for admin but not for user.
    What more can I try?
    To reset the DB entries?

    It’s me again.
    The user is receiving the email only after the admin approve him but nothing before.
    Is that behavior normal? But my

    Do NOT send user an email after they are registered

    was unchecked???

    Plugin Author radiok


    That is normal behavior, what good would an email be before they are approved? They wouldn’t have access to the site? Also, is your translation working with 3.7.0? And last, I’m not aware of a pt_BR translation, where did you find that?

    Two more thing:

    1) When finished the register you receive the message: …check you email.
    I moderate all registers. How to change to “Check you email in the next 24h”?

    2) I using Login with Ajax. I can’t find the code but it insert below the bottom of the disclaimer “A password will be emailed to you” it will be better “Your email will be emailed to you” because you already inserted your password.

    The pt_BR translation is in you forum. Chackout.


    Plugin Author radiok


    You never answered me, is your translation now working with 3.7.0? I think I see why it stopped working with 3.7.1 if that is the case and 3.7.2 will be released today to resolve the issue, but I need to know.

    1) Right below, “Moderate all new user registrations…” there is a textarea where you can edit what it is shown to the user when they register.

    2) That sounds like an issue with Login with Ajax moreso, but if you attach a screenshot, or email me a link (radiok at I’ll check out your site, I’d like to see exactly what you are talking about.

    Yes. The translation is working with 3.70.

    1)The message below “Moderate all new user registrations…” is not showing to me.


    1) I mean not showing after the registration process.

    Plugin Author radiok


    1) So you have a message set, but it isn’t showing up?

    2) Sorry, the link doesn’t work, I get some XML saying the access denied, request expired. I think this might be easier if you just email me a link to your site.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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