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  • hi skullbit,

    i concur with the many others praising you for the work on this plugin!
    something which might improve the usability of the admin page of the plugin would be to have tabs for the different sections and an ajaxed way of moving the custom fields (ie jquery provide good examples).



    One of a handful of what I call essential WordPress plugins if you require registration. Great job with this?

    I would like to suggest the ability to place custom text on the registration page. This would be an easy way to place registration instructions, or whatever you want to communicate at the point of registration

    Thank you again!


    Hi Skulbit

    Great plugin! Congratulations! I have some problems with the email confirmation sended to users, but I think is a WP problem, not in Register Plus.

    The word “redirect_to” included in the link send to users (see sample code) is interpreted in Hotmail webmail like a SPAM mail. So, when the mail arrive, he is put in spam folder, and users in general dont look this folder and think is a system fail in the website. I need put one big advice: “CHECK YOUR SPAN OR TRASH FOLDER IN YOUR WEBMAIL to see de confirmation register link”, but I think this is very, very deselegant. Tested in Gmail: No problems. Tested in Yahoo: No problems.

    Any idea to solve this issue or maybe bypass the WP code with another code more clean?


    Any plans on adding a feature for lost/forgotten passwords. When users click lost password they can get a customized email. Also so they do not have to go to the generic wordpress profile.php page to change it to something they can remember (currently gives them a random string password).

    Thanks for the great plugin.

    Hi mate!!

    I really would love if you create the possibility of adding an avatar (user photo) to the registration form… that would be amazing… i tried to use Cimy User Extra Fields with Register Plus but it doesn’t work…

    if you can add this feature i would be really glad!

    Thanks a lot

    1. Upload the register-plus directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    3. Set the options in the Settings Panel

    Now copy the HTML editor of the Register and paste it into the HTML of a page created in empty worpress, but only a code is broken?
    INTUIT THIS IS NOT NOTHING! SHOULD MAKE A CODE to copy and paste as simple as that?

    I’m finding that spammers are registering and getting past the whole captcha thing because they’re real people obviously being paid to do this now.

    I’m finding a lot of people are signing up and then never bother to leave another comment.

    Any way you could have an automatic user delete if they don’t comment more than 5 times within 1 week or so?

    I’m finding it a real pain in the ass trying to choose what user is legit and who is not, to delete, since the WP User Admin doesn’t show how many comments the user has made.

    Would help to keep the registered user list clean and tidy and not cluttered with hundreds of dead users.

    Maybe an e-mail could be sent out stating they will or have been deleted due to lack of comment participation.


    One excellent feature would be to allow users to send themselves their current password if they forget it, not a new random one. This should be easy to disable if the content is so sensitive that sending the current password is not acceptable.

    I think WordPress defaults to sending a random password right now.

    Great plugin. I look forward to the next, polished release!


    I’m a bit new to all this, so I may just be missing something, but would it be possible to include a field, with the date and time the person registered? This need not be visible to the user, but from an admin standpoint, it would be nice to have this time/date stamp easily available. It would also be nice if there was a clear way to create an audit trail connecting the date/time stamp and the specific license terms that a user used.

    Also, is it (would it be) possible to create a two tiered registration system. Here’s the scenario I’m thinking about. You have certain contributors where you want to use the registration system to have them sign off on the terms under which they will submit content to the blog.

    Then you have just garden variety users, who you want to register for commenting purposes, etc. But you may not want to require them to submit as much info.

    @macbros, check out Intense Debate (a commenting system website that was purchased by Automattic the company that makes WordPress.Com). Also check out the upcoming WP 2.7 upgrade because it will have better features for user and comment moderating.

    @kingsinger, the trend now is to turn off Must Be Registered To Comment. Let non-registered users post Comments. It won’t hurt. You can still have the fields for them to enter their name, email, and website. That should satisfy your minimal info, and leave Registration for the higher group that must agree to your license.

    I’ve upgraded my website to WP v2.7 rc1. In doing so, I noticed an error in the dashboard:

    Warning: extract() [function.extract]: First argument should be an array in /home/ROOTNAME/public_html/WEBSITENAME/wp-content/plugins/register-plus/dash_widget.php on line 24

    Line 24 is:
    extract( $args, EXTR_SKIP );

    I found that changing this to:
    if (is_array($args)) { extract( $args, EXTR_SKIP ); }

    Fixed the problem.

    Thanks again for your work on a truly fantastic plugin.

    – H

    Awesome plugin!!!
    you should change the logo link on the register page too; it still links to
    I’m not able the register a new user: I did get an empty…
    <div id="login_error"></div>
    …and don’t understand why! I don’t know if it’s my fault, if it’s 2.7 fault, or what else! (still working on it!)

    Another suggestions:

    (1)- Users sometimes dont type the email correctly and loose the registration process – one letter and all is lost. If possible, one option to put the email field to repeat and compare if is correctly, like the password.

    (2)- One option to bypass the php mail and use personal SMTP sender to send, by example, the confirmation link or recover password.

    Thanks so much for this plugin…it is GREAT!
    Couple of wishlist items:
    1) I need the registration info collected to be inputted into a database or able to be downloaded/exported into Excel. Is this possible? Even with the added custom fields I have added…
    2) I am a complete newbie when it comes to CSS, I would love however to change the colors of the required fields and perhaps the other fields and borders as well to match my green theme. Could you make this more straightforward?

    Thanks so much! Will definitely be donating! GREAT WORK!

    I have activated the register plus plug-in and updated the Settings, however when I click on the register link on my sidebar the normal wordpress register link appears…I assume I need to change my sidebar code to call the register plus code..what do I need to do so the register plus form appears not the wp register login..

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