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  • Ivovic


    I’d love the ability to pre-populate certain fields (with or without displaying them) based on which invitation code is used.

    I want to be able to control the way a company name is entered based on inviting all the employees of a company to register with an invitation code – but I think this would also be useful for many other things, like say pre-populating a (hidden) user profile filed with a percentage discount based on an invitation code… or various other group identifiers.

    wishlists are great lol, but you’re just asking for trouble — thanks for the consideration 🙂

    I keep trying to figure out if i’m just missing this function, but I would really like to be able to approve/disapprove registration before an email is sent back to the registering individual. The approval process could take place by email (from admin) or on the dashboard, eithe way would work (or both!). Great plugin…much needed and great follow up.


    I just wanted to thank you again for your hard work on this incredible and incredibly well supported plugin. Your plugin is essentially the cornerstone of my WP-as-CMS website.

    – H

    What I would absolutely love would be for different types of custom profile field e.g. radio button, drop down lists, checkbox etc

    Would this be an easy thing to do? I had a look at the plugin code but my php is too newbie to be able to alter it properly!

    @bob_hackr – I actually meant to add that for the last release, but forgot about it! I’ll be sure to put the ability to customize field types in for the next release.

    Any thoughts on integrating OpenID? I know there are already some nice plugins for OpenID (WP-OpenID), but would love to see it combined with some of the options in Register Plus. For example, I’d like to force users to provide recaptcha, e-mail verification, and required profile info before accepting an OpenID for future ease of authentication. (Call me paranoid, but I think some day, spammers will be using OpenID for spam.)

    Actually, if WP-OpenID prevented automatic registration via OpenID, I’d be all set, but still, a cohesive integration solution would be even better. 🙂

    Andrew, I have no plans for OpenID integration yet, but I will keep it in mind.

    It would be great if we could add hidden fields to the profile page. Simply tick off whether or not we want a custom field to be visible.

    Just installed this, and I love it!

    The one thing I have noticed is that you cannot edit the final email sent out after an admin has confirmed the account. Looks something like:

    “[Blog Name] User Account Activated

    Your account has now been activated by an administrator.”

    It would be great if you could edit this text and set the email address that it sends from to the admin email.


    Again, thank you for the fantastic plugin. I especially appreciate you incorporating my feature request.

    From looking at the code for your plugin, it looks like all of the variables necessary for Register Plus are kept in a single option. Have you considered keeping them in separate, or more separate, option-value pairs in the options table? Doing so would enable other plugins, themes, etc to check individual Register Plus values instead of reading all the options and parsing it.

    Thanks again,

    – H

    ldozois – Hidden fields are here in 3.2

    frameskip – 3.2 uses the email set for user notifications. I’ll think about adding customization options for the next release – too much work already for this one!

    Haloscope – I have over 40 options saving, so separating them is just a big database resource waste. You can call any option with the following code:

    $regplus = get_option('register_plus'); //gets regplus options from db
     $use_password = $regplus['password']; //gets the value for enabling registration password.

    All option keywords are listed on line 159 of version 3.2 in register-plus.php under

    function DefaultSettings () {
    			$default = array(

    If you need the custom field values, they are in another option:
    $regplus_custom = get_option('register_plus_custom');

    Very useful plugin! The ability to set your own password and verify via email upon registration seems much more in-line with other systems. My suggestion would be to integrate the ability to define your own password again when resetting a forgotten password.

    Automatic creation of a profile page in the theme for each of the users (maybe an automatic author.pho)

    Great plugin!

    I have a suggestion, though. It would be great if the user had to confirm their email just in case they misspell it the first time around. There’s always the possiblity that they could misspell it in such a way that it’s an actual email, just the wrong one, and ends up going to another person’s email address. Then when the person who signed up looks for their confirmation email, they won’t find it. Then most people will simply give up. I can definitely see that happening.

    On the other hand, if they have to confirm their email address, that should never happen.


    Hi, again.

    Had another thought. Right now, the confirmation message “Thank you %s, your account has been verified…” appears at the end of the login form. I realize this is because you are using the login_form hook, which appends stuff at the end of the login form.

    However, in my beta testing, my users were confused by the message appearing at the end of the form rather than at the beginning. (You know how easily the average user is confused.)

    If there’s any possible way of putting the messages at the beginning of the login form or sending them to another form entirely, that would be optimal. Perhaps Register Plug could generate an entirely new form for just this purpose.

    Just a thought.


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