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  • Thanks for a great plugin. Full profile fields on the registration page would be great. Also, I’d love to have the ability to use multiple invitation codes at once (and possibly to have that information stored in the database, to help track how people found your site). Don’t know how realistic that is. Thanks again.

    Thanks for the suggestions dreamtofly!

    I’ve upgraded the plugin to include all the profile fields as well as any custom fields you may want. I’ve also added the ability to use multiple invite codes and the codes will save in the user_meta table so that tracking will be possible. I will add the ability to view how many users used which invite code in a future version.


    Thanks for the updates. You made my day. The new features look and work great and you’ve made my job much easier. Thanks again. I look forward to future updates.

    No problem! Thank you for making my day in return. Cheers!

    hi skullbit, i’m not sure if i should post here or start another thread, but i believe i’ve found a bug. when creating a new author user from the admin panel, the password does not work for the new user if it ends in number (for some reason with only letters it does work).

    this seems to be caused by the register plus plugin because when i deactivate it, it works. any ideas?

    You probably should have started a new topic as this one is for feature suggestions, not bugs, but no worries!

    I noticed that bug too, and will have it fixed up later today when I release the next update to the plugin.


    Hi Skullbit,

    Great plugin! This plugin meets a LOT of my website’s needs. I like the idea of being able to change the logo on the registration page.

    Have you considered adding in a way for registered users to pay for monthly subscriptions via PayPal? That would be HUGE.

    Thanks again for your hard work,

    – H

    Thanks for the bug fix skullbit! And I like haloscope’s PayPal idea.

    Hey Skullbit,

    Ditto on the thanks for the bugfix re: captcha. Until I found your plugin, I was using about five different plugins to do what yours does. I’m really happy with the quality of the plugin as well as how much support you’re providing.

    Two more feature requests:
    1) Customizeable disclaimers. My website needs a user to agree to a (a) legal disclaimer (b) end user license agreement and (c) privacy policy.
    2) Custimizeable registration e-mails. I think it would be nice to send a customizeable e-mail to new users.



    This plugin is amazing! Well done mister!

    You can say that I am being picky if you want…
    But I would like to run a competition between my friends to see who can get the most active users to sign up to my blog, and obviously with your ‘Invitation Code’ feature, that would be ideal to keep the tally etc. However, I do not wish to ‘disallow’ the non-friend’s connections-type people to sign up to my site. (I’m greedy like that :oP)

    Is there a way to make the invitation code have an option in the dashboard, to make it an option? So the form asks “Got an invite code?” and then the user ticks a box to activate the box to type it in, if so. And of course the entry is ignored and the box is not coloured white (as active) and stays grey if they don’t tick the box?!

    Asking too much?

    Keep up the great work – wish I could make stuff like this!

    Fantastic plugin!

    Here’s a vote for Haloscopes customizable registration emails. And although full custom emails would be great, I’d be happy for the moment just being able to set the “from/reply-to” to either a custom address or the wp admin address.



    Great suggestions all, I’ll see what I can do.

    This is a totally awesome plugin. I used it to create a registration system for an internal company site. Also for feedback forms, I use Cforms II in conjunction. By having all the extra meta added on first registering a user, it is possible to do many neat things once they log in, like pre-fill Cforms forms. present profile information on post etc. Very nice.

    Great job master. I think I have a suggestion but not for this plugin, i think it does it all we need in a clear way. but the thing is I cant use the advantages of having extra and custom fields on the user side. I searched for a plugin that links to a author page with all the custom fields displayed from a list of authors&subscribes which would be on another page (I think thats the tricky part:=)

    also a option that can put a login on the sidebar would be great.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 61 total)
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