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    I’ve got Register Plus (this issue happens with Pie Register as well) running on the most recent version of wordpress (2.9.1) and have set up several custom fields for my user profiles. I’ve run into a very big issue though. I can’t edit any user’s custom fields unless I’m logged in as that user. Here is what happens:

    Say I have a custom field created through Register Plus called “Birthday” and I am the administrator role will all rights and capabilities. There is also another user (subscriber role) named tom. If I, as administrator, go to users–>authors & users–>tom and change the birthday field to a different date then hit “save,” the birthday field on my (the administrator) profile changes to what I want Tom’s to change to, and Tom’s profile doesn’t change at all. In fact, what happens when I hit save is that all of the custom user fields in Tom’s profile stay exactly the same, but my (admin) profile’s custom user fields all change to what I’ve put in Tom’s profile fields. Basically, the plugin is acting like the profile I’m editing is my own, and save all of the information (even fields I didn’t edit) as my own information. However, if I log out of the admin role and log in as Tom and edit the profile, everything works fine.

    So I can’t edit a user profile without logging in as them. Editing ANY user’s profile while logged in as a any user other than the one who actually owns the profile you are editing will result in no change to the profile you are trying to edit and a complete change to the person’s profile who is doing this editing! (Tom is the only one who can change tom’s profile and have the changes stick. Admin changes tom’s profile and ends up with a mirror image of tom’s profile plus the changes admin made, while toms profile doesnt change at all)

    Does anyone have a clue as to why this is happening?

    As I mentioned, I tried this same test on the Pie Register plugin (a recent fork of register plus), and had the same issue!


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  • cjkeeme1


    I am also experiencing this bug. I have no fix and it is annoying.



    I’ve installed register plus in the last couple of days and I don’t have this problem (running 2.8.5). Not sure if rolling back to an earlier WP version will help.

    That said, I can’t have more than one user defined field at the moment…



    I guess I should mention that I’ve got register plus v3.5.1.

    Why are you running 2.8.5? That seems like it was released a long time ago.



    I’m v 3.5.1 of register plus too.

    Laziness is why I’m still on 2.8.5!



    Any ideas?



    It seems like it’s something with 2.9.1

    I have been using the plugin successfully for about 1 year. I just updated to 2.9.1 and am seeing the same thing. Every time a new user registers it also changes my admins info.

    If somebody has an idea to what changed in 2.9.1 that would affect this, would be a great help.

    Created a workaround where we still use Register Plus but create our own custom fields on the user profile page.

    1. In the User Defined Fields section of the Register Plus settings page, added fields leaving the checkbox Add Profile Field blank

    2. Created custom user profile fields using the same field names defined in the Register Plus settings page using the following method:

    I’ve just found this workaround:

    1. edit register-plus.php on your Register plus plugin folder
    2. go to line 1626
    3. replace $_GET with $_POST

    Now it’s working fine for me. Using Register plus 3.5.1 with WordPress 2.9.2


    Thank you so much. Your fixed saved my life. It was on 1634 for me, but close enough. Phew!!

    Thanks gak, the fix is working fine. I think we will never see an official update for the plugin: the last update it’s dated 2008.

    Update: gak’s fix changes both the desired user profile and the admin profile. You will have to correct the admin profile with the original data after editing the desider user.

    Thanks for this info. Even though I’m using Pie Register instead of Register Plus, this info saved me. If you’re using Pie Register, the code in question is in the pie-register.php file, line 3647. Change both of the $_GET references in that line to $_POST and you’re good to go. This also eliminates the problem of the admin profile being updated when updating another profile.

    If for some reason the code is not on that line, look for this:

    function SaveProfile()

    It’s a couple lines down.


    Pie Register v1.2.0 (2010-6-26) still has this behaviour (WP3.0)
    Proposed fix still needs to be applied in function SaveProfile()

    I implemented this fix into my plugin, Register Plus Redux which is custom field compatible with both Register Plus and Pie Register.

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