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  • inkdipt


    First off I have been using this plugin for years with no problems. Great work and thank you.

    With that being said I recently turned on the option for a ReCaptcha on the registration form and it is working fine, but it is a bit off center on the page. I know it is a small thing to complain or ask about but I would really like to see this thing about 10px to the right.

    Here is a link to the registration page. It is not all that pretty but it works. BTW I also noticed that the logo is also to far the other direction, ugh.

    Thanks in advanced,

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  • radiok


    Hate to tell you but Register Plus is long abandoned. I tweaked the CSS in my fork, Register Plus Redux, give it a shot if you want. BTW, I see you have some custom fields, my plugin being a fork, uses the same data structure, so if you install mine and, for example, add “age” as a text field it’ll read the data on the profile of all your existing users and write to the same field for all future users. I’m actually working on a feature to rename fields, so if you ever wanted to keep all your “age” data be rename it to “Years on this Earth” for some ridiculous reason you could move the existing data over to that new field. That’s not really the best example, but I think you can get the point. Anyway, just letting you know. But I’m forgetting something, I yanked reCAPTCHA out of Register Plus because there’s an offical plugin from their developers now that does the same thing, I trust them to write it better then I can or skullbit did, ya know what I mean.

    One semi-related question– what’s the easiest way to center my custom logo? Right now it looks like it’s left-aligned.


    Your right, it is left aligned, something about the way I modify the logo isn’t really working out well. I modify where the existing logo is, which is the background of an h1. Nothing I do makes the h1 center well because it’s within a div within a div. I thinking maybe I want to recode it to hide the old logo, and insert a new img tag outside the divs so it can be centered. I’ll look into changing that soon.

    Sounds great, thanks. Not a huge issue, but it would be a nice aesthetic improvement.

    probably not necessary to recode to new divs. Although the plugin asks for 292px width, you can make your logo the size you need… Perhaps a simple change:
    change line 1546 from: background-position:center top; to –> margin-left:auto;

    If that doesn’t center your logo. The “easiest” is a simple negative margin. Simply start with a left:-50px; (adjust as needed.)


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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