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  • Can someone please help me out and show me what i have to change these lines to i.e. the format.

    // This registers our widget so it appears with the other available
    	// widgets and can be dragged and dropped into any active sidebars.
    	register_sidebar_widget(array('Donate Extra Form', 'widgets'), 'widget_donateextraform');
    	register_sidebar_widget(array('Donate Extra Total', 'widgets'), 'widget_donateextratotal');
    	register_sidebar_widget(array('Donate Extra Wall', 'widgets'), 'widget_donateextrawall');
    	// This registers our optional widget control form. Because of this
    	// our widget will have a button that reveals a 300x100 pixel form.
    	register_widget_control(array('Donate Extra Form', 'widgets'), 'widget_donateextraform_control', 300, 100);
    	register_widget_control(array('Donate Extra Total', 'widgets'), 'widget_donateextratotal_control', 300, 100);
    	register_widget_control(array('Donate Extra Wall', 'widgets'), 'widget_donateextrawall_control', 300, 100);

    I realise i need to prefix them with wp_ but i cannot work out the new layout format.


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