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  • Hey, this is a great plugin- a real time (and headache) saver. Currently I’m looking to use it on a large WordPress multisite/Network project whose uploads folder is 1.5GB in size.

    Any best practices as to how to go about this? I imagine this could take a long time (maybe an hour?), does anybody know how long this could take and if there are any precautions or suggestions (other than backing up prior) that I can do?

    The site is very live and has a lot of traffic so I want to make sure this is handled well.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi,

    It will take around ~10s per image.

    It took me around 30 hours to regen about ~9k images.

    Looking for a better solution too. It’s not worth a week in downtime for this… 😛

    Thanks Raul. We ended up doing it, it took about 4 hours or so, but fortunately we were doing this on a large Multisite installation which allowed us to regenerate site by site instead of all at once. We had about 12 sites, each with about 1000 image. A nice thing is that the site stays live during regeneration instead of going down temporarily like it would during a WP upgrade.

    Another nice thing was that you can actually run the regeneration for each site on different computers for different sites- effectively having different sites regenerating at the same time. For a single WP install I imagine this would take forever- which it seemed to for you. Would be nice to be able to regenerate in chunks for large sites, but ultimately the plugin is a huge timesaver.

    Yeah, it’s a nice tool indeed.

    Our downtime was needed because the sizes are hardly different. We’ll end up regenerating large sites @ localhost…

    I suggest you to try also WP to decrease image sizes, and improve load times. 😉


    To avoid overtaxing your server, consider using the AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild plugin:

    I like Regenerate Thumbnails for small sites, but for a large media database, the AJAX version is much kinder.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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