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  • ResolvedModerator cubecolour


    When searching for a page I want to edit in admin, I get the error message:

    Are you sure you want to do this?
    Please try again.”

    By a process of elimination I have discovered that this only occurs when Regenerate Thumbnails is active.

    When the plugin is deactivated, the issue disappears and even when this is the only active plugin, the issue reappears. The issue appears to be theme independent as well as the issue occurs when I activate twentyeleven with no other plugins.

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  • I have the same issue with the plugin as well. I hadn’t noticed it previously. I don’t know if this just started happening or has been a problem all along.

    This webpage explains that this error message is generated as a security feature:

    “hidden inputs are inserted into the form allowing WordPress to validate where the request came from.”

    I noticed the same error message appears when I moderate comments and use the “Empty Spam” or “Empty Trash” buttons.

    Regenerate Thumbnails version 2.2.0 was working OK with WordPress 3.3 but is broken by the update to version 2.2.1.

    Right Andrew, I had the same problem with emptying trash as well. Uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling 2.20 and the problem goes away.

    I am pretty sure the problem is the nonce feature now because the 2.20 of Regenerate Thumbnails outputs an id and wpnonce code at the end of the URL string for the hidden WordPress security form input after regenerating a thumbnail.

    I noticed that my Featured thumbnail image was missing in the Post edit menu as well after I posted a post while Regenerate Thumbnails 2.21 was active. When I went back to 2.20 and regenerated the thumbnails for that featured thumbnail using version 2.20, the thumbnail reappeared.

    So I think these are two interrelated problems with the latest version.

    I received the same message as well, but I also get it when trying to filter posts. If I downgrade to the last version, then everything works fine, so I’d have to agree with edwardnh that this is probably a nonce issue.

    Moderator cubecolour


    The new Version – 2.22 seems to have fixed this issue. Nice one Alex!

    I can also confirm that version 2.2.2 fixes the problem with the “Empty Spam” or “Empty Trash” buttons I noticed with 2.2.1.

    Andrew and cube, works for me too. Good stuff!

    I can also confirm that it works with both filtering and searching posts. Thank you!

    Plugin Author Alex Mills


    Sorry about this. Seems I didn’t test enough after fixing one bug and it caused another bug. 🙁

    But yes, it should be all fixed now. 🙂

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