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  • In some situations, it would be prefereable to activate ‘Reflect’ on certain pages/posts, but not others. Sometimes, we just want good old comments and no annotations.

    1- Can this be done?

    There’s a hefty selection of jquery etc in the JS scripts. The best policy is always to call scripts when we need them, not on every page on the site.

    2- Can we call these scripts only when needed, as say in question 1, above?

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  • Plugin Author Travis Kriplean


    Hi, thanks for the encouragement!

    Per-post activation of Reflect is definitely possible, and probably not even hard. There is definitely a massive amount of JS/jquery going on there, and its overkill for a post that might have <, say, 5 comments.

    There are a number of other features that should also be implemented for the wordpress version, like email a commenter if their comment gets summarized and moderation in the admin interface. Per-post activation is right up there on priority list.


    Ok, thanks for that heads up. How do I get started on this? Installed the plugin on localhost and erm … no show in the comments section. Well I thought this would be the case, as per your prologue. Can’t see any further details for configuartion.

    Any advice please?

    Plugin Author Travis Kriplean


    You’re the first one besides me to try to get this working, this is exciting 🙂

    First of all, I’m assuming that you already have some comments in a post. Reflect won’t don’t anything otherwise.

    Second, have you set the “Comment text selector” field in the Reflect settings page in the admin panel? On this blog, it would be “.c-body”. But it depends on the theme you are using.

    This might be easier if you have a public installation that I can browse to. It will help me troubleshoot. Or even let me know which theme you’re using.

    Let me know if that helps you out.

    Hi Travis, yeah, I’m going to set up a demo site online, we can both work on. I’ll send you URL and logins when it’s up.

    many thanks

    so, I sent you some details by emails on my test site.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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