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  • Dear John,

    Thanks for this great plugin!

    I have a few points which may help to improve the plugin even further. I imagine them to be quite small, but I haven’t peaked under the hood to see:

    Exporting rules

    1. After some searching I realized that the export option was on the modules page. What confused me was that the documentation mentions the RSS feed of redirections made, so I assumed that the other options mentioned with ‘View as’ would also be for the redirections and not for the redirect rules….
      You may want to see about either putting RSS to the far right of the line or on a seperate line to differentiate more between exporting the rules and the log.
    2. What I would also really like, is an export option on the redirections pages, so I could select a number of rules and export just those instead of only being able to export all rules and then having to manually edit the XML file.
      I can imagine the export option would fit nicely with the other functions at the bottom of the list (Select All | Toggle | Reset Hits | Delete | Move To:).

    Group overview
    When I click on the Group link, the first view I see is the groups within the WordPress module.
    I personally would find it very useful if that page would instead give an overview of all groups and in which module they fall.
    Something like:
    [module WP]

    [module Apache]

    [module 404]

    I imagine generating the page would not be so difficult, though the re-ordering may possibly not work anymore ? That could then possibly be solved by disabling re-ordering on the main groups page, and having a click-through per module where you can re-order the pages (that page would be like the current group view).

    Disable logging per rule ?
    This one I imagine might be more complicated. What would be super-useful would be to be able to disable logging per rule.

    For a number of hack-bots I have created ‘do nothing’ rules and added these to a separate group within the 404 module with logging disabled as a work-around.
    Similarly I have a number of standard 301 rules where no logging is needed. Of course I can create an extra group for these, but I kind of like the overview of all redirect rules in one place.
    Being able to disable logging on a per rule basis would make that what is logged more informational for me.

    If I can do anything to help with this – programming, testing or otherwise, please let me know.

    Once again, thanks for this great plugin!

    Sunny greetings,

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  • Man.. i really had hard time trying to find where is the export function.

    Thanks for your post. Now I know its under Modules

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