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  • I am experiencing the following error when trying to access a page on my website:

    This web page has a redirect loop.

    The web page at has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer.

    Here are some suggestions:
    Reload this web page later.
    Learn more about this problem.
    More information on this error

    Notice how the URL in the error message is not the same as the target URL. I have turned off the Redirect Plugin and the page now works ok.

    I think the error has something to do with a corruption within the following post:

    When creating the post I made several mistakes, deleted the post, started again and then renamed the post and slug (I was having one of those days!)

    I now find that if I type in the URL above but /priston-mill-3/ it redirects to the desired URL /priston-mill/

    I do not know what part of WordPress produces this redirection since the Redirect Plugin is turned off.

    I may be wrong in my assumptions above but it does seem like a strange coincidence?
    The widcombe-grange post was created by duplicating the priston-mill post so may have inherited some corruption as a result. I considered deleting the post and recreating it but did not want to compound the problem.

    I have taken the following advice so far as recommended on various pages but without solving the problem:

    I have been into phpMyAdmin and fixed the databases.
    Enabled/Disabled ‘All in One SEO’
    Reset Permalinks and created new .htaccess file.

    Any advice you can give for further fixes would be gratefully received.
    For now I have just turned off the Redirect plugin.

    Many thanks in advance.

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  • It’s amazing how walking away from your computer and coming back the next day can make everything so much clearer!

    The problem is now fixed.

    Within the Redirection Plugin settings is a tab called ‘Groups’
    Under this are two groups ‘Redirections’ and ‘Modified Posts’.

    Under ‘Modified Posts’ you find a list of redirects created as a result of changes to post names/slugs.

    By going through this list I found redirects associated with the URLs mentioned in my original post above.

    Deleting these redirects has now solved the problem.

    Phew!!! I going for a well deserved pint!!

    your post really helped me alot, i tried doing different things to solve the error. finally fixed the redirecting error. thanks man!

    Thanks so much for this thread. I’ve just been having a minor panic attack after causing a redirect loop and was about to start deleting plugins etc but read your advice, looked in ‘Groups’ deleted from there too and all is fixed… I think!!

    Thank you 🙂

    Again, thank you for this thread… saved my a**.

    Whew, thank you!! I’ve been like “WTF is wrong with this thing” all day! Yay I am so happy now! Thank yoouuu!

    Thank you, man! I would never though of this, live & learn

    Thanks a million, this did the trick for me as well (after considerable pulling out of hair)!

    thanks! your post saved me a bunch of trouble.

    So glad to have help:-) This forum has been a tremdous help to me over the development of my websites so it’s great to have the opportunity to give something back. All the best, Jamie

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    This may or may not be related but because I got here for the same redirect-loop-problem I just quickly wanna share.

    I have a WP 3 multisite install with among other plugins Domain Mapping. I wanted to change the main domain. I changed DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE in wp-config.php and imported/exported the whole database replacing all to However, somehow the home and site in wp_options always reset back to the old domain without that value being available anywhere on disk or database.

    Anyhow, by explicitly adding a row in table wp_domain_mapping for the main domain, the redirect loop stopped. This should not be required, and it will probably work if I remove that row now, but I won’t try.

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