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  • Having similar issues here. Worked around by adding manual entries in the MySQL table for redirection items.



    I did the same using phpmyadmin.

    I have this problem. Do you know what’s causing it? Also what is the process to solving it using phpmyadmin?



    Hi Exponential

    Don’t know the exact problem but I suspect it was something to do with running a server on a local machine. Is this what you are doing?

    ** backup your database before making changes with phpmyadmin **
    1. open up phpmyadmin
    2. select your WordPress DB
    3. select the “wp_redirection_items” table
    4. Click on the “Insert” tab along the top of the main window
    5. enter “1” into the value field for “id”
    6. enter “/home” into the value field for “url”
    7. enter “Home” into the value field for “title”
    8. Click on “Go”

    This should create a new entry in the redirection table.
    Refresh the plugin’s settings and edit the entry.

    Let me know if this works.


    I’m seeing this same problem. It has worked perfectly up until now. I have been using the plugin since it first came out and it appears to have broken with WP 3.1. I can create redirects in the db manually and the redirects work but everytime I try to add one through the admin I get “Sorry, but your redirection was not created”



    Hi bhelms.

    Are you running a local dev/test server or is this happening on a live internet server?

    I didn’t have any problems after 1 manual entry in the table on my wordpress (internet server).

    There’s an ajax function call in ajax.php line 363.
    It calls the Red_Item:create function with the info you entered into the admin form.

    The Red_Item classes for adding a new redirection are in the file /modules/redirect.php

    The create function starts on line 168.

    Something is going wrong in here and it’s returning a false.

    Didn’t have any time to step through the code. That’s as far as I got in tracing the issue.

    I had though of testing the $wpdb object after the instert query on line 209.

    Maybe someone else can do this as I don’t really have the time at the moment.

    Hope this helps.


    Hi Will,

    I followed your instructions regarding entering a manual entry but I got the following error:

    MySQL said:

    #1292 – Incorrect datetime value: ” for column ‘last_access’ at row 1

    I am working on a live internet server

    Any ideas?



    OK – depending on how you’ve got phpmyadmin setup, you may have to enter valued for those not-null fields.

    Try adding a date into the last_access value field and try again 01/01/2010

    Or click check the “Partial Import” option then retry adding your values.


    I’m having the exact same problem. I had it working before on 3.0 and now I’m on 3.0.5 and it’s not able to create new redirects. I’ve made several changes since I last saw it working, so it’s impossible for me to track it down.

    I couldn’t track the problem any farther in code than Wil could.

    Think I have find the solution. I created a group called Redirections under the Groups settings for the plugin. Then I could create redirections. Hope that it will work for you also.

    i have tried this but it did not work for me…

    I already have two groups automatically they are:

    – Redirections
    – Modifications

    When adding another group I still get the same error message 🙁

    Hmm, strange. Well have you done the last upgrades for both WP and redirection?

    Yes, Running the latest update of both (I believe). I am not being prompt for any updates

    I’m having the same issue. Upgraded to 3.0.4, and suddenly I can’t add or edit any redirections. It tells me, “Sorry, but your redirection was not created”. I’m afraid to delete the plugin because I don’t want to lose all the redirections that are still working.




    Hi Exponential & mmmmdave

    At this point I think you should check the DB privs your wordpress DB user has.

    This DB user (set in the wp-config.php file) should have access to UPDATE the wp_redirection_* tables.

    If you have access to MySQL Admin or phpmyadmin then plase check that your wordpress DB user has rights to update those tables.

    Sometimes reapplying the DB user rights will recitfy any issues.

    Let me know.


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