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  • Hi Guys,

    Love the plugin, thanks!

    The site I am rebuilding in WordPress had about 20 pages (.asp format). So I entered all 20 pages in Redirection. Strangely enough 15 of them redirect flawlessly, the other 5 won’t.

    I can’t find any difference between the 5 and 15 pages so can’t find the problem.

    Anyone have an idea?



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  • I have the same problem and I cant figure it out either


    Extra frustrating now to see the working redirects push a lot of traffic, makes me realize what we are losing on the redirects that don’t work….

    (But shared grieve is half the grieve as we say in Holland :-))

    Hey folks, I have had some issues with this plugin also. I have been able to track it down to the “position” field associated with each redirect. Open up your database and take a look at the redirection_items table. Look specifically at the “position” column if you have more than one item in the same group with the same position this will cause the redirects to fail.

    I think this is a bug with plugin. It occurs most often when a redirect is added to default group of redirects and then moved to another group.

    For example say I have a group called “Blog Redirects” and there are ten redirects in that group. Those redirects will hold positions 0-9. Now if I have two items in the default group and I add a new one, the new one would be assigned a position of 2. If I then move the new redirect to the “Blog Redirects” group it still holds the position of 2 but that already exists in that group and now we have a conflict.

    Hey all,

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    In the end I got them all to work. The only thing I did was resubmit the redirects that did not work the first time and now they all work. (I removed the old redirects and entered the old and new addresses to form a new redirect again)

    So, not a good diagnosis what went wrong, but wait a few days and try to make the redirects again, this time it might work… (An unsatisfying workaround, I know).



    Check also for whitespace in your source urls as this can trip up the plugin.

    I had the same problem with one redirection. Added, deleted, added, deleted, added, deleted, and … added. The last add worked, the first three didn’t.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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