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  • It automatically redirects my home page to new post.
    And added numbers to the end of my homepage on my other blog?
    Also it didn’t even redirect 404s!

    So basically it did things it wasn’t supposed to and didn’t do what it was meant to. Garbage!

    I deleted all info and removed the plug in and everything went back to normal.

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  • Ok I lied, it DIDN’T go back to normal. My home page is still pointing at the newest page.. Please can someone help me??
    I don’t know what to do, I’m new at all this, and this plug in royally screwed my site up.
    I tried redirecting it back but then it just goes in a loop.. doesn’t work..
    help?? Please? thanks.. (i hope)

    I am having this same problem on a multisite install! It is extremely annoying. Even when not checked posts are monitored and false positives on “modified” causes pages such as the home page to be redirected. Changing the uncheck option for monitoring to “Don’t monitor” and deleting entries under “modified posts” resolves the issue, but then it doesn’t actually monitor modified posts!

    Userme: under redirection > options > Post & Page URLs: select don’t monitor. save the change. Then go redirections > redirects and select modified posts. select checkboxes for all problematic ones and select delete from the drop-down menu. This should resolve your issue, but unfortunately disables the monitoring function.

    I’ve been having problems with this plugin as well. Used to work, but stopped working correctly after upgrading from WordPress 2.9 to one of the 3.x versions.

    I’ve had similar problems. I had it on a site for over one year and it was working fine. All of a sudden it started redirecting everything to the last page I did. When I deactivated it, then things were fine.

    I just did another site that had only 2 redirections on it. All of a sudden I noticed that shortly after I added a cForms it started redirecting to the cForms I had just added.

    After checking back to the other site I noticed that the page had a pdf download. The new page also had a pdf download on it.

    This got me to looking. I use a WP Download Monitor plugin on both sites. Tonight I will be doing some testing to see if there might be a conflict between those two plugins. I’ll report back

    Whenever you have a sudden issue with a WP site, chances are it is some plugin conflict somewhere. Always start by deactivating all your plugins and then turn them on one at a time to see if there is a conflict. In this case we do know that the Redirection Plugin has caused an issue – congrats on identifying that.

    This bug has been occurring since the release of WP 3.0. It is a common issue when and if the Redirection Plugin is installed and activated and you have not set URL Monitoring within the Redirection Plugin’s options page. This particular setting must be configured manually to “Don’t Monitor” regarding the post and pages URL’s to avoid breaking your site.

    Here is a quick (less than 5 minute) video tutorial that may help: Don’t Let Redirection Plugin Break Your Site

    Hope it helps you. Let me know if you need any other help.

    I had found the following article What’s Wrong With the WordPress Redirection Plugin This totally fixed my issues in both cases.

    Thanks…I will take a look at the video though.

    Great! Glad that you found a resolution. Ultimately, that is what matters.

    Unfortunately, all of the “solutions” say to turn off monitoring modified posts which is one of the power features of the plugin. If you ever decide to modify the url of a post — for a typo or for SEO or just to make it better — the old url, which might be linked from hundreds of places, is redirected to the new url. If you turn this feature off, you have to remember to add a redirection manually.

    True, but manually making the change is better than having no site at all. Hopefully, the plugin developer will fix it soon.

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