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  • Figured I’d start this, as with the 3.0.5 security patch, on new posts, redirection is still faulty. For whatever reason, it wants to keep redirecting me back to the new post after creation, no matter if I hit a home link or not, it’s a back to the last post thing. If I go in through admin and clear out the redirects, all works as intended. It’s more of a nuisance than anything.

    I only use the wordpress and track modules. There is no .htaccess module use at all as I didn’t set it up. So I’m guessing it’s something with the monitor, and the code over on the main website, in their comments, completely white screened my install with an error at the top, despite my direct copy and paste.

    Hope the author can get the bugs hammered out soon. As I stated in a contact with them already. This is not posted here to imply slowness of the author, but rather to collect the information in the first place most tend to look for the solutions, the author bug area here at wordpress.

    Thanks again John for your work on things like this and headspace. They are much needed modules.

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  • I definitely see the bug with the home page redirecting to the latest post, also. I have been able to fix it by disabling the feature that automatically handles redirects when you change a post or page’s permalink. It looks like the plugin thinks when you publish a new post that it’s permalink “changed” from “blank” to the the new permalink. So it redirects “blank” — i.e., the home page — to the new permalink. Disabling that feature seems to make the rest of the plugin work just fine.

    I’m also running into this issue. Every new post, regardless of whether the permalink is actually getting changed or not, is ending up in the Modified Posts group and redirecting the home page. It’s acting as though the “Monitor New Posts” option is getting stuck on regardless of whether the box is checked for it.

    Either manually removing each from the Modified Posts list each time a post is published or disabling the monitoring feature entirely works as a workaround.

    Plugin Author John Godley


    Are you using the latest version, pxlar8? The plugin has been updated since these reports.

    Yes – 2.2.5. I’ve had to turn off the monitoring for the moment, which is a shame since it’s a really great feature.

    But here are some further details of the odd behavior:

    I’m using multisite, consisting of 3 sites. The first one installed a couple of years ago, works fine. The second one, created about a year ago, had some issues originally but somewhere along the line they stopped, probably when an update to Redirection was issued. I’ve now just created a third site, and it unfailingly is displaying the behavior described above.

    I’m using WordPress 3.1.2 and the sites are created as subfolders. I’m not using domain mapping.

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