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  • Yikes!

    I originally set my site up as using wordpress as an add on to my static site for blog. Since then I have moved all my static pages into wordpress and have been using a simple index.html entry page leading into

    I decided it was time to get rid of the /blog/ and have pull up my WP pages and posts etc.

    So, I followed the instructions at here and everything went well, my pages and posts work etc. I also confirmed this was a correct method on the codex page (albeit the instructions there were for the opposite direction). Cool so far.

    I then attempted to use redirection to strip /blog/ out by using the regular expression /blog/* to target / as suggested by a link from urbangiraffe site here

    This leads to a new problem, it redirected everything (awesome) including so now I can’t log in.. (not so cool per se!)

    So, luckily I had another tab open in my browser and I was able to delete that regex and can get into my blog but I am still stymied on how best to redirect everything but my wp-admin. Does this make sense? Anyone can help? Please?

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  • Hello Chris,

    Did you solve this one? I need to do some serious redirects too. I’m looking into using this plugin:

    But this needs to use 301 redirects the same way .htaccess can do, for Search Engine friendlyness and Pagerank. I don’t know yet if it can do this.

    So if you found a solution for your issue let me know.

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