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  • Howdy,

    I have a client who went through a re-brand earlier this year, and have been using the redirection plugin to provide the 301’s for the old site to the new site. In working with the Google Webmaster tools, I’ve found that many of the 404 errors it’s presently finding already have a redirect set-up for them. Perfect example is that the report this morning showed 51 total 404 errors, but only one of them didn’t have a 301 set-up.

    After performing a full analysis of the redirection tables in the database, I found that 32% of the URLs I’ve attempted to redirect aren’t working. I have duplicate entries in the database (roughly 380 out of 1580 redirected URLs), and the duplicate redirects aren’t working at all even though they are valid.

    Any thoughts on this? If the number was lower, I wouldn’t have an issue with it and tell the client it’s an issue with Google over the plugin.

    This isn’t at all urgent, though I’d like to see if there is a fix for this so I don’t have to keep charging the client for more effort than is necessary.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • I’m running into this now. Anything ever work for you?

    Hey Chizet,

    Thanks for bumping this thread. I was thinking about this again earlier today after finding that the 32% mentioned in my original post is very quickly hedging towards 40% of URLs that are not redirecting. I think the exact number is now sitting at close to 600 URLs that are not being redirected at all.

    I keep running into some unusual stuff in using Redirection and finding that any URL that requires a 301 is failing completely when using this plugin. With what’s looking like a 60% success in redirecting URLs, I may scrap this completely and go back to hand editing the .htaccess file. The really ugly part of the conversation is telling the customer that this plug-in functions “most of the time” and there’s no telling when it will or will not successfully redirect a URL.

    Anyone out there in the ether have any suggestions? I’m very willing to work with the developer to debug and refine this plugin. It needs a good amount of love.


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