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  • I have a site set with a specific page for landing (common scenario) and a few fairly generic configurations of custom post types that follow best practices such as those outlined in

    If I have this plugin turned on and publish one of the custom post types, my home page gets redirected to that post which is obviously NOT desired functionality.

    If this is a configuration aspect of the plugin, it is not explained well at all. It’s unfortunate because the UI for tracking / managing redirects in the admin console is quite solid. But pretty broken is still broken and unusable.

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  • Same issue here. You can fix it fairly easily by deleting the home page root redirect… but that’s a pain to do every time you add a new page. This only appears to have started happening recently, so perhaps the developers don’t know about it? It still is happening to me in Version 2.1.28

    Yep, I’ve seen this issue but with creating a new page on version 3.0.1. After creating a new page, the home page started redirecting to the new page.

    Deleting the page didn’t resolve the problem. Deactivating the plugin did resolve the problem.

    It sounds like if you remove the page group for “modified pages” in the settings area, this corrects itself. I actually use the modified pages functionality, though, so it doesn’t fully solve my problem. It does provide a fix for many others, though.

    I have the same problem, on the rest of my sites i solved it by deleting the redirection record from the mysql db directly. You have to do that every time you make a new page.

    But unfortunately on another site i just added a page, it doesnt work! Deactivating the plug-in neither. I dont have page group for modified pages which to delete, just modified posts.

    Right now i’m stuck with homepage redirect and can’t remove it! 🙁

    Same thing here. After I create a new page, home page is redirected to it until I delete the new redirection from the Modified Posts group.

    Same problem. For a temporary fix:

    1. De-activate and/or remove the plugin


    2. Go to your WordPress admin > Tools > Redirection > Groups > delete all modified posts

    Hope this helps!

    Frustrating. This shuld be a future inside WP core. Fix on it’s way?

    Plugin Author John Godley


    Custom post types were causing the plugin to auto-redirect. This should be fixed in 2.2.29. You can remove any auto redirections by clicking ‘Groups’ in the Redirection pages, then ‘Modified posts’, then deleting anything that should not be there.

    Hi John. Thanks for providing a new version so quickly. I’ve tried v2.2.29 on two sites and it’s working well.

    After activating the plugin, I did the following:

    1) Go into Groups and deleted everything.
    2) Tried to make a new redirect – it failed.
    3) Went back into Groups and manually created a new group (I called mine “Redirections”)
    4) Created a new redirect – this was added ok.

    where can I get 2.2.29?

    By the way, are you referring to 2.2.9 of the Redirection Plugin? Or 2.2.29 of WordPress? I’m on 3.0.1 of WordPress and version 2.2.23 of Redirection is still breaking. If there is a fix, other than deleting the newly created redirect each time a blog post or page is created, I really need the fix!

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