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  • Hello everyone,
    I have been using this plugin for over a year now and never had a problem up until recently. I keep my site closed to the internet and have whitelisted a number of IP addresses my users can access from. Like I said, this has worked flawlessly up until about two or three weeks ago. Users are now being redirected even if they are accessing the site from the whitelisted IP addresses and the only way I can solve the issue is to remove their IP from the list and add it back.

    Is anyone experiencing similar issues? Any idea about how to fix this?

    My site is hosted through and the WordPress version I’m on is 5.5.1. I have contacted WordPress to see if they can tell me when my WordPress version last updated in the event that that has caused my issue.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  • Im having the same problem. Most users/IPs are fine, but random people get blocked. I add their IP, and the homepage works for a minute, but subpages do not work. Incognito also does not work. And then a few minutes later it all stops and the user cannot access anything. I delete their IP, readd, it starts working on the homepage, and then stops. This all started with 5.5.1.

    I am using a multisite with subdirectory install, where certain subdirectory sites are blocked.

    I did learn that the plugin accepts IPv6, which solved some issues for people not getting access, so @curiousadmin maybe try that. Check if the user has an IPv6 ip, such as users from Comcast/xfinity.

    Plugin Support Jeffrey Paul


    @curiousadmin @coloradocolin it sounds like you both starting seeing issues around WordPress 5.5.1 perhaps, so I’m going to set up a 5.5 install, add some RSA allowed IPs, update to 5.5.1 and see if that replicates the issues you’re seeing. If you have any additional information, please share, otherwise I’ll let you know what I find.

    Plugin Support Jeffrey Paul


    Ok I just tested this by creating a WP 5.5 install, adding RSA and allowing some IPs, then updated to WP 5.5.1, but all allowed IPs could access and not allowed IPs could not access as expected. So it looks like this may not be due to WP 5.5.1.

    @curiousadmin did get back to you with any details on timing for different updates on your site? Can you provide your Site Health Info export for us to see if something there leads us to finding the conflict?

    @coloradocolin are the issues you’re seeing all tied to IPv6 users? Can you provide your Site Health Info export for us to see if something there leads us to finding the conflict?

    Hey @jeffpaul

    I’d be happy to provide site health info. Should I post here or DM? And it was not necessarily with IPv6 users, it was random. Im not sure if it was because we were on multisite blocking subsites, or the infrastructure of VIP go.

    Plugin Support Jeffrey Paul


    @coloradocolin you can post here or email to me at

    ### wp-core ###
    version: 5.5.2
    site_language: en_US
    user_language: en_US
    timezone: America/Denver
    permalink: /%category%/%postname%/
    https_status: true
    multisite: true
    user_registration: false
    blog_public: 1
    default_comment_status: undefined
    environment_type: production
    user_count: 83
    site_count: 16
    network_count: 1
    dotorg_communication: true
    ### wp-dropins (3) ###
    db.php: true
    object-cache.php: true
    sunrise.php: true
    ### wp-active-theme ###
    name: POM Sites Theme - Clean Eating (cleaneating-child/resources)
    version: 1.0.0
    author: Southleft, LLC
    parent_theme: POM Sites Theme (pom-sites/resources)
    theme_features: core-block-patterns, soil-clean-up, soil-jquery-cdn, soil-nav-walker, soil-nice-search, soil-relative-urls, title-tag, menus, post-thumbnails, html5, customize-selective-refresh-widgets, widgets, editor-style
    theme_path: /var/www/wp-content/themes/cleaneating-child/resources
    ### wp-parent-theme ###
    name: POM Sites Theme (pom-sites/resources)
    version: 1.0.0
    author: Southleft, LLC
    theme_path: /var/www/wp-content/themes/pom-sites/resources
    ### wp-themes-inactive (9) ###
    POM Sites Theme - Better Nutrition: version: 1.0.0, author: Southleft, LLC
    POM Sites Theme - Oxygen: version: 1.0.0, author: Southleft, LLC
    POM Sites Theme - Podium Runner: version: 1.0.0, author: Southleft, LLC
    POM Sites Theme - Default Theme: version: 1.0.0, author: Southleft, LLC
    POM Sites Theme - SKI Mag: version: 1.0.0, author: Southleft, LLC
    POM Sites Theme - Triathlete: version: 1.0.0, author: Southleft, LLC
    POM Sites Theme - Vegetarian Times: version: 1.0.0, author: Southleft, LLC
    POM Sites Theme - VeloNews: version: 1.0.0, author: Southleft, LLC
    POM Sites Theme - Women's Running: version: 1.0.0, author: Southleft, LLC
    ### wp-mu-plugins (37) ###
    Admin Notice: version: 0.1.0, author: WordPress VIP
    Advanced Post Caching: version: 0.2, author: Automattic
    Akismet Anti-Spam: version: 4.1.7, author: Automattic
    Async Publish Actions: author: Automattic, version: (undefined)
    Automattic File Hosting Service: version: 0.2, author: Automattic
    Cron Control: version: 2.0, author: Erick Hitter, Automattic
    Debug Bar: version: 1.0.1, author: wordpressdotorg
    Debug Loader: author: (undefined), version: (undefined)
    Gutenberg Ramp: version: 1.1.0, author: Automattic, Inc.
    HTTP Concat: version: 1.0, author: Automattic
    Jetpack by version: 9.1, author: Automattic
    Lightweight Term Count Update: version: 0.1.0, author: Automattic, Alley Interactive
    Query Monitor: version: 3.6.5, author: John Blackbourn & contributors
    REST API Enhancements: version: 0.1, author: Erick Hitter, Automattic
    Rewrite Rules Inspector: version: 1.2.1, author: Automattic
    VaultPress: version: 2.1.3, author: Automattic
    VIP All Options Limit: author: Automattic, version: (undefined)
    VIP Back-compat: version: 1.0, author: Automattic
    VIP Cache Manager: version: 1.1, author: Automattic
    VIP Client mu-plugins: author: Automattic, version: (undefined)
    VIP Dashboard: version: 2.0.4, author: Scott Evans, Filipe Varela
    VIP Feed Cache: author: Automattic, version: (undefined)
    VIP Force Two Factor: author: Automattic, version: (undefined)
    VIP Go Core Modifications: author: Automattic, version: (undefined)
    VIP Go Plugin Compat: version: 1.0, author: Automattic
    VIP Hosting Miscellaneous: version: 1.1, author: Automattic
    VIP Init: author: Automattic, version: (undefined)
    VIP Jetpack Start: version: 0.1, author: Automattic
    VIP Mail: version: 1.0, author: Automattic
    VIP Performance: version: 1.0, author: Automattic
    VIP Plugins: version: 1.0.0, author: Automattic
    VIP Schema: author: Automattic, version: (undefined)
    VIP Security: version: 1.0, author: Automattic
    VIP Stats: author: Automattic, version: (undefined) VIP Support: version: 3.1.0, author: <a href="">Automattic</a>
    WordPress Importer: version: 0.6.4, author: wordpressdotorg
    WP-CLI for VIP Go: author: Automattic, version: (undefined)
    ### wp-plugins-active (13) ###
    Advanced Custom Fields PRO: version: 5.8.7, author: Elliot Condon (latest version: 5.9.3)
    Classic Editor: version: 1.5, author: WordPress Contributors (latest version: 1.6)
    CSV Export Posts: version: 1.0.0, author: Justin Young
    Distributor: version: 1.5.0, author: 10up Inc. (latest version: 1.6.0)
    Pom UUID: version: 1.0, author: Benjamin Voran
    Term Management Tools: version: 1.1.4, author: scribu
    VIP Jetpack Sync Cron: version: 2.0, author: Rebecca Hum, Automattic Thumbnail Editor: version: 1.0.0, author: Automattic
    WP Migrate DB Pro: version: 1.9.8, author: Delicious Brains (latest version: 1.9.13)
    WP Migrate DB Pro Media Files: version: 1.4.14, author: Delicious Brains (latest version: 1.4.15)
    WP Migrate DB Pro Multisite Tools: version: 1.2.6, author: Delicious Brains
    Wufoo Shortcode Plugin: version: 1.43, author: Wufoo
    Yoast SEO Premium: version: 14.8, author: Team Yoast (latest version: 15.3)
    ### wp-plugins-inactive (7) ###
    Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order: version:, author: Nsp-Code (latest version:
    POM CLI COMMANDS: version: 0.1.0, author: POM
    Pom IMAGE_IMPORTER: version: 1.0, author: Benjamin Voran
    Pro Cycling Stats: version: 0.1.0, author: POM
    Restricted Site Access: version: 7.2.0, author: Jake Goldman, 10up, Oomph
    VIP Go Geo Uniques: version: 0.1.01, author: Automattic, WordPress VIP
    Yoast SEO: News: version: 12.6, author: Team Yoast
    ### wp-media ###
    image_editor: WP_Image_Editor_GD
    imagick_module_version: Not available
    imagemagick_version: Not available
    file_uploads: File uploads is turned off
    post_max_size: 2047M
    upload_max_filesize: 2047M
    max_effective_size: 2 GB
    max_file_uploads: 20
    gd_version: bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
    ghostscript_version: not available
    ### wp-server ###
    server_architecture: Linux 4.19.0-11-amd64 x86_64
    httpd_software: nginx
    php_version: 7.3.24 64bit
    php_sapi: fpm-fcgi
    max_input_variables: 6144
    time_limit: 1200
    memory_limit: 512M
    max_input_time: 1200
    upload_max_filesize: 2047M
    php_post_max_size: 2047M
    curl_version: 7.73.0 OpenSSL/1.1.0l
    suhosin: false
    imagick_availability: false
    pretty_permalinks: true
    ### wp-database ###
    extension: mysqli
    server_version: 10.2.15-MariaDB-log
    client_version: mysqlnd 5.0.12-dev - 20150407 - $Id: 7cc7cc96e675f6d72e5cf0f267f48e167c2abb23 $
    ### wp-constants ###
    WP_HOME: undefined
    WP_SITEURL: undefined
    WP_CONTENT_DIR: /var/www/wp-content
    WP_PLUGIN_DIR: /var/www/wp-content/plugins
    WP_DEBUG: false
    WP_DEBUG_LOG: false
    SCRIPT_DEBUG: false
    WP_CACHE: false
    COMPRESS_SCRIPTS: undefined
    COMPRESS_CSS: undefined
    WP_LOCAL_DEV: undefined
    DB_CHARSET: utf8mb4
    DB_COLLATE: utf8mb4_unicode_ci
    ### wp-filesystem ###
    wordpress: not writable
    wp-content: not writable
    uploads: writable
    plugins: not writable
    themes: not writable
    mu-plugins: not writable
    ### jetpack ###
    site_id: 182948676
    ssl_cert: No
    time_diff: false
    version_option: 9.1:1605193414
    public: Public
    master_user: #23 wpcomvip
    current_user: #1 colin
    tokens_set: Blog 
    blog_token: ZAfC3ij4S0wV!AxVHEPV514j42gYj!Hr
    user_token: Not set.
    version: 9.1
    jp_plugin_dir: /var/www/wp-content/mu-plugins/jetpack-9.1/
    plan: business
    protect_header: false
    full_sync: {"started":"Wed, 18 Nov 2020 18:17:07 +0000","finished":"Wed, 18 Nov 2020 20:14:10 +0000","progress":{"constants":{"finished":true},"functions":{"finished":true},"options":{"finished":true},"updates":{"finished":true},"themes":{"finished":true},"users":{"total":"21","sent":21,"finished":true,"last_sent":"1"},"terms":{"total":"5236","sent":5236,"finished":true,"last_sent":"1"},"posts":{"total":"25179","sent":25179,"finished":true,"last_sent":"1"},"comments":{"total":"1","sent":1,"finished":true,"last_sent":"27"},"term_relationships":{"total":"85017","sent":85015,"finished":true,"last_sent":{"object_id":"1","term_taxonomy_id":"1"}},"network_options":{"finished":true}},"config":{"constants":1,"functions":1,"options":1,"updates":1,"themes":1,"users":1,"terms":1,"posts":1,"comments":1,"term_relationships":1,"network_options":1}}
    sync_size: undefined
    sync_lag: 0 seconds
    full_sync_size: undefined
    full_sync_lag: 0 seconds
    idc_urls: {"home":"https:\/\/","siteurl":"https:\/\/","WP_HOME":"","WP_SITEURL":""}
    idc_error_option: false
    idc_optin: false
    cxn_tests: All Pass.
    Plugin Support Jeffrey Paul


    @coloradocolin are you hosted on WordPress VIP?


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