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  • when using the [recreading] shortcut in posts, the post contents changes as more items are shared in gReader. This plugin is great for dynamic sidebar content but not suitable (yet) for posts.

    To be specific, I published a post on Monday using the [recreading] and today, that old post includes the two new links I shared today (Wed) and no longer includes two of the links listed in the original post.

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  • Jake Goldman


    10up Engineer

    (developer here) I also responded to Kelle on my blog:

    Kelle – you’re right about the posts. When I added the short code, the immediate idea was really that someone would create a static page that would always show their latest items. It was an alternative to putting it in the sidebar.

    It seems there’s a lot of interest in incremental posts featuring the last X shared items from the publication date of that post.

    I’m working on version 3.0 of the plug-in in what little spare time I have right now. #1 on the feature list is support for just that. I have to decide whether I want do this on WordPress side (when a post is published, it grabs the latest shared items, and simply saves them in the post, replacing the shortcode) or whether I want to do have it dig through the Google Reader feed looking for the first item shared before the post was published.

    The latter is ideal from an “ease” perspective, however, I’m not sure if Google always shares *all* the items in your feed (as opposed to, say, the last 50), and I’m also concerned about the performance implications of digging through the feed. At a minimum, I’d have to cache the results.

    Long and short of it is that I’m on it!

    Jake Goldman


    10up Engineer

    New version 3.0 – should show up any minute – adds support!

    Thanks Jake! The new “As of publish date” feature in version 3 is working well for me!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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