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  • Hello, i am looking for some recommendations for two plugins

    The first plugin i need is to add a number of fields to the registration form (i have found one that does this but the most important part is what follows). I need to be able to access the details in a simple way, even if it’s saved in the database in a way i can easily export it or if the plugin includes a tool to export the data to an excel spreadsheet or a text file??

    The second plugin is to enter data and display it in a specific way, let’s say for example i want to add my dvd collection to the website. i would like to have a submission form only accessible by admin or editors with customisable fields, i then need to add something to the website on a separate page to display all the dvds in order, with maybe the fuctionality to organise them by genre or year.

    Hope this information is sufficient to provide recommendations.


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  • 1. Register Plus is pretty good. Then use phpMyAdmin (or even ODBC if allowed by your host) to query wp_usermeta table to get the values stored.

    2. Assuming you would create a post for each DVD, a plugin such as Supple Forms, More Fields, or Custom Field Templates, would allow you to assign Custom Fields to each post then you would likely want to customize a template file to display the information.

    will try the register plus one thank you.

    another thing for the second one would be the ability to connect to the database from a different website to display the data without the other website necessarily being wordpress.

    i checked and supple forms seems to do that however I would like to have the ability of doing the same thing as supple forms without adding it to the post. It would need to be separate to that. Do you know of something similar but that would not affect the post

    WP project creates forms outside of posts and pages. You enter data and then create reports. The report short codes are then added to a page or post in a table format.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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