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  • Is there a plugin where I can create a chart? I run a pregnancy website and have a PDF/JPEG that’s very popular. See it here. But instead of visitors downloading the PDF/JPEG, I’d rather recreate it in the form of a wordpress plugin. I’ve searched the plugin directory but can’t seem to find anything. Any suggestions?

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  • I think you mean table — and this plug-in is supposed to be quite good and easy to use:

    But also be aware that it may not print well from a webpage — so be sure to test that if you intend for your visitors to print it off.

    Or are you trying to create a fill-in/interactive form? That’s quite a bit more complicated.

    If it is just a table sorting you need on a single page, you should try to avoid plugins.
    You just need to display your query result in an html table.

    Plugin+plugin+plugin+plugin+plugin = who knows what ?

    Yes, women do print it so they can use it. Yes, a table plugin might do the trick. I’ll have to try it and see. Thanks.

    Forgot to mention (but was implied)…I’d like the women to be able to click and print the chart/table. That’s why PDF-like plugin would work well. Not sure the table plugin allows a pop-up and print.

    You can do both — make a link to the downloadable PDF version, and display the table on a page — is that what you want to do.

    Yes, I’d like them to open it on a separate sheet and then print.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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