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  • I installed the upgrade today, and it didn’t go altogether smoothly. As I indicated in the subject line, my views history count or whatever it’s called was reset.

    I tried to automatically upgrade the plugin. WP downloaded the upgrade, but it threw an error installing it because (I think?) you’ve now got the widget incorporated as part of the main plugin file, instead of showing in my admin screen as a separate plugin? I thought no big deal, and just upgraded it the old fashioned way – downloaded the new version, installed it via FTP overwriting the deactivated old version.

    Went into the admin plugins page and activated it, went to the RP settings page, everything looked OK. It said my oldest count was from back in December, when I originally installed the plugin. So I didn’t do anything.

    A few hours later, I come back and the widget output is all weird. Completely different posts than before, and one of them listed twice in a row (wtf?). I go back in and look at the settings page, and it says “Your oldest count is from 2010-03-21.” What gives?

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  • it completely broke my install.

    i can’t access my plugins at all now. i deleted it via FTP. tried reinstalling it and still now luck.

    me no likey.

    as an added frustration i can’t find it via FTP now.

    so not only can I not access my plugin options via the dashboard – I can’t seem to uninstall it via FTP. gripes!

    There’s something going on with either WP’s SQL delta function or procedure on when uninstall is called that is different than previous versions, causing it to drop data. That said, this isn’t a stats package, so it isn’t an issue I care to correct. If you’re trying to display info from the beginning of time there are other plugins FAR better suited to that.


    Which version of the plugin are you trying to install and what version of WordPress are you using? Are you seeing errors in your Apache logs? What are they?

    “It no worky” isn’t going to help.


    Uh… golly. OK, well, that’s certainly a straight answer. I’m not trying to display info from the beginning of time, I’ve just had it set to display popular posts from the previous week. I just didn’t know what (if anything) I’d done wrong to make it start over, and why it was listing one post twice. No offense intended.

    If it’s something you don’t want to deal with, that’s your decision. I guess I’ll take your suggestion and find another plugin.


    I just waned to share that while the WordPress auto update I encountered the same problem where it bugged out so hard that I could not even view my plugins page. I went to the directory and manually removed the files, then through WordpPress added and installed the plugin again. so far it seems to be working fine.


    That one bothers me, but I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it. Some number of downloads have a random bad bit one file or another. I tried retagging a new version, but the same thing is happening. Since I don’t have control over the zip file or the download servers there isn’t much else I can do.


    I observed the same upgrade plugin issue as these guys above, but I managed to get it activated and behaving OK.

    I noticed that I do have records in wp_recently_popular table but WP Tuner showed the following sql error:

    SELECT rp.hits AS hits, rp.post_id AS post_id, p.post_title AS post_title, p.post_date AS post_date, u.display_name AS display_name, u.user_url AS user_url, AS category FROM ( SELECT COUNT(post_id) AS hits, MIN(ts) AS ts, MIN(user_type) AS user_type, MIN(post_id) AS post_id FROM wp_recently_popular WHERE ts > (CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() – INTERVAL 7 DAY) GROUP BY post_id ORDER BY hits DESC ) AS rp LEFT JOIN wp_posts AS p ON rp.post_id = p.ID LEFT JOIN wp_users AS u ON p.post_author = u.ID LEFT JOIN wp_term_relationships AS tr ON p.ID = tr.object_id LEFT JOIN wp_term_taxonomy AS tt ON tr.term_taxonomy_id = tt.term_taxonomy_id LEFT JOIN wp_terms AS t ON tt.term_id = t.term_id WHERE 1 AND rp.user_type = 1 AND p.post_type = ‘post’ GROUP BY rp.post_id ORDER BY rp.hits DESC, rp.ts DESC LIMIT 10

    Error in query:
    Can’t group on ‘post_id’

    My guess the ‘group by’ and ‘order by’ don’t match, so records are returned anyway.

    Hope this helps you fix our “stats reset” problem.

    Folks, a good alternative that I’ve found and installed is Popularity Contest. Check it out:

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