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    Not sure why advanced search stopped working for you. We can’t really help unless we can see the url you have it installed on.

    We are also working on a new version that will work with 3.0.1 and WPMU. Not an easy undertaking so it is taking a little longer than anticipated. Not to mention that this is free so we have to focus on our core business first.

    We are hoping it will be ready within the next couple of days.

    BTW – our paid support option is guaranteed. Meaning if we can’t get it to work on your blog, we refund you. Unfortunately we just can’t provide support on the free version. We have a business to run and clients to support and providing unlimited support on a free plugin would take away focus from our clients. Hope you understand.

    We are unable to get this plugin to work after closely following the installation instructions. We sent you an email regarding this, and posted this comment to your post on ActiveRain….

    Hello Misty – I have a fully updated WordPress platform. I also have two real estate sites on this platform. I’ve installed RealShoutSearch per the instructions, and have a shiny, new license key.

    I still cannot get your plugin to work.

    I have a button/link for “Real Estate Search” in the lower left of my Admin area. When I click on it, it takes me to the “Default Search” page, where I am only able to select a Custom Page. Nothing else appears. The “Search Real Estate” page indicates “set the License Key in your admin control panel”, yet there is no place to do so.

    We’d really like to use this plugin. It solves a number of issues for us. Plz provide some direction on how to get your plugin to function as described.

    Thank you!

    I find it curious that your solution to helping people get your Free offering working is to tell them to purchase the Paid support option. Which means we’re stuck paying for your plugin if we want to use it.

    We too have businesses to run. We offer free products and assistance, and we support them because we know people depend upon them. We don’t ask them to pay for support for something we provided free.

    Has anyone else been able to get the free version of this plugin working?

    Hello Mike,

    We unfortunately can’t provide “free” support to everyone that has had trouble installing the plugin. The plugin has had over 2000 downloads and providing support to everyone would be a full time job that would “cost” us money. We have a business to run and it is important for us to support that business. We can’t revert our attention to everyone who wants free support on a free plugin. There is nothing fishy or funny going on here. We are happy to be able to provide the free plugin for anyone to use, but we just can’t provide support for it. This is the main reason we offer the paid support option. And trust me we are NOT generating much revenue from this plugin.

    There could be many reasons why it is not working on your setup. Hosting, server settings, the multisite setup configs, the temp site setup, etc. Troubleshooting the exact reason why it is not working on your setup is most likely not a 2 minute task. Now imagine for a minute if we helped even 10% (200) of those who downloaded the “free” plugin troubleshoot their installation and site/server setups. That would be at least 200 hours of our time and money. I am not trying to be harsh here but again, we do have a business to run and can’t be putting that kind of time into a free plugin. We have already put large amounts of time and cost into developing it. I hope you can understand that.

    You asked for others who installed it fine. There are hundreds out there that are running the plugin and following are a few. – she just installed it today – just installed yesterday

    You can see many others too by searching Google“Search+Created+By%3A+RealShout”

    ClearStreams: the reason that the code most likely isn’t showing up is due to the fact that the code is setup to show only on a “dashboard blog.”
    And the dashboard blog is hard coded as “1.”

    Does the plugin work fine on the “site” that has an ID of “1?”
    I bet it does.

    The database tables are also hardcoded to use the “wp_” so any multisite support is lost there.

    This plugin is not compatible with wpmu/multisite like the plugin author says it is. Looks like they were quick to release a new version and half-assed it. I’ll be going through the plugin and making the necessary changes for it to work but kinda sad that I have to.

    Realshout, maybe a network option would be best for storing the data that is needed instead of creating multiple tables per WordPress “site.” This would allow you to easily store the information on a per site/network basis.

    Another possible option would be to add a site ID to each current database entry so that you wouldn’t have an additional 10 database tables per site and use an SQL statement that looks for the current site ID

    $current_blog_id = $GLOBALS[‘blog_id’];
    “WHERE site_id = $current_blog_id”

    This is off the top of my head and I haven’t checked it since 3.0 so the blog_id variable may have changed to site_id.

    Remember everyone, this is released as a FREE plugin and you are able to modify it as you need for your install/blog.

    “I’ll be going through the plugin and making the necessary changes for it to work but kinda sad that I have to.”

    Again this is a FREE, open source plugin. Why is it sad that you have to make changes to it to fit your needs? This is a plugin that we contributed to the community for FREE. Developers make changes all the time to plugins so they fit their needs. Feel free to do so.

    We have removed the WPMU from the 3.0 change log due to complications with it on WPMU and to avoid to confusion.

    “Realshout, maybe a network option would be best for storing the data that is needed instead of creating multiple tables per WordPress “site.” This would allow you to easily store the information on a per site/network basis.”

    We will keep this in mind for the next release.

    RealShout (Misty) –

    It’s sad because you released an open source app, stated it worked (including WPMU/Multisite), and it is doesn’t. So end users on WPMU/multisite spend what would have been productive hours trying to get it to work. Your only response, until pressed, was to tell folks to pay to get it working. So your app really isn’t FREE – we either spend money or time to get it to work. And lets not forget, time is money. At my hourly rate, I should really be invoicing you for the time I wasted on what is really a great app (with fair support).

    I use a number of open source or Free apps. Most are backed by some form of platform where users can interact and share solutions, helpful hints, hacks, etc. And it’s not that I don’t want to pay for your plugin, frankly you haven’t earned my monetary support. I have donated money to my fair share of open source, “free” apps, and most of them provided me with great assistance, then asked for a donation – which they earned.

    Maxaud – plz share your fix with those of us using WP Multisite. This is a great plugin, and we’d like to put it to use. It’s a shame their support solution for the free version is what it is at this time.

    I agree, support is pretty important. However, we’re basically just encouraging them to stop providing the free version, or minimize its features so that they don’t have all these complaints. It’s free.

    1. Mine probably isn’t working, but, how do I set up the variables that the Realshout plugin searches? Ex. I have a post with three beds, and 2 baths. Where do I input it? Is there supposed to be an option when making a new post? Am I supposed to make custom fields? Or does it just straight up search the text within my post?

    Has anyone found an alternative to this plugin that is more effectively supported, or more consistently works?

    Thanks all!!

    Hello David – It doesn’t use posts or custom fields.

    Please follow the install directions here in the exact order

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