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  • Using plugin version 1.2

    First error message was that folder didn’t exist or wasn’t writeable, so I verified that I do indeed have the GD and FreeType PHP libraries installed on my server, then I manually created the folder where it should be (in my images folder, which is my default per my WP settings) and I verified that permissions are in fact writeable (CHMOD 755), but the error message would not go away, nor would my images show up.

    So I added the line to my wp-config.php file per the documentation for this plugin:

    define( ‘WPCF7_CAPTCHA_TMP_DIR’, ‘/images/wpcf7_captcha’ );

    Still got the error message and no images showing up.

    I tried using the full URL in the path (e.g. but that generated a PHP error (fopen).

    So I’ve removed the captcha fields from my contact form, but I’d really like to get this resolved.

    What might I be missing?

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  • My images seemed to stop appearing after I installed WP-Cache. Deactivating WP-Cache did not fix the problem but it started working again as soon as I deleted WP-Cache.

    Hi coupland – thanks for the suggestion, and plugin compatibility is usually the culprit when odd problems arise, but I don’t use WP-Cache.

    I did check to see if other plugins were causing a conflict and deactivated all the other plugins except CF7 and Really Simple CAPTCHA, but still had the problem.

    For the time being I am no longer using the RS CAPTCHA and instead just using the “Quiz” function built into CF7……not as good at preventing contact spam, but it’s workable until I find a replacement process.

    Welp, I was wrong. WP-Cache wasn’t the problem. It only resolved the issue momentarily due to the space it freed up. We were hitting the limit of the storage slotted to us on our account. 781MB in thumbnail cache! Clearing up the space really did fix the problem. My captchas is back in action.

    Hmmmm….interesting idea to pursue – as far as I know I am not anywhere near the limit on the space allotted on our server, but it’s worth checking into….thanks for posting again.

    Well that didn’t turn out to be my issue – I have way more space on my server than I’ll ever use……so still at square one on this.

    TrishaM, did you ever resolve your issue?

    I have the same issue, captcha image is black (not showing). I dont use WP-Cache and have plenty of space. Just to make sure I reinstalled really simple captcha and made sure the files got deleted.

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