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  • No, I have no idea for now. Captchas are working on my site with the latest WordPress.

    Lucky you 😉
    I have removed it and re-installed.. nothing and also some of my fields are not working 😉

    Ok I fixed the bug of my fields now 😉

    Hello again
    I have checked with my hosting company, I have asked them this:

    Hello For my blog made with Word Press, I have added a form with some Captcha ign-form/
    As you can see these images dont appeared. And they say: To use CAPTCHA, you need GD and FreeType library installed on your server. Also, the contact-form-7/captcha/tmp folder must be writable. Contact Form 7 1.8 and later require wp-contents/uploads/wpcf7_captcha folder writable, instead of contact-form-7/captcha/tmp.

    I have chmod usr/home/tanamalt/public_html/ mple-captcha by 777

    and they replied to me:
    From your description, it sounds like the setup should be correct. When loading the page, no errors are generated in the Apache logs. You will most likely need to contact the maker of this particular software for advice on how to resolve the problem.

    What do you think ?
    for information, I didn’t find this file “tmp”.. maybe it’s the answer ?

    Please let me know,
    Thanks in advance, Thierry

    Hi !

    I’m having the same problem i think…

    When i use the plugin with the Contact Form 7, it tryes to load the captcha image from: “/wp-content/uploads/wpcf7_captcha/”

    But the temp / image files are stored in this folder:

    “/wp-content/wpcf7_captcha/” – How can i change that ???

    Kind regards,

    Just to confirm this plugin works with version 2.8.4

    I can’t get this plugin to work and i have the latest version of the plugin and WP. What could be wrong?

    So does this work with WP 2.8.4???

    Not working for me on 2.8.4 The captcha does not show images.

    Did any of you that has problems with showing images with WP 2.8.4 figure out what the problem was?

    I manage several websites all with the latest version of WP. I’m working on another one, and the image isn’t showing up for the CAPTCHA in the comment form I made with Contact Form 7. It’s working on a ton of sites, just not this new one. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    Just posting to confirm that this plugin does work with 2.8.4, at first images did not show up but all I had to do was chmod the wpc7_captcha folder to give it the correct write permissions.

    If you have problems :
    1) Check your upload path (settings->micellaneous)
    2) For Contact form 7, check that the “wpcf7_captcha” folder exist in your upload path
    3) Check on the server that the folder have the write permissions.

    I had exactly the same problem – WP v2.8.5, Really Simple Captcha v1.0, used with Contact Form 8. In FF the image box was a blank white rectangle. In IE the box had the word “captcha” in it.

    Thanks to MagicG, I traced my problem to the Upload Path – which in WP v2.8.4 was correct (and thus Captcha worked on that version) but when I migrated my app to a new directory for v2.8.5, the Upload Path still pointed at the old 2.8.4 upload location. Correcting Upload Path cured the problem.

    I have also updated to Captcha v1.1 and it’s working fine.

    I use RS Captcha 1.1 and Contact 7 plugins in my theme with wordpress 2.8.6

    I created several forms with captcha requirements in Contact 7 and put them into pages.

    The captcha images do not appear at all.

    I gather from the posts above the problem may be the directory problem.

    So I deinstalled the RS Captcha plugin, modified the directory setting under Settings>Miscellaneous of the WP interface, reinstalled the RS Captcha plugin, and even deactivated and reactivated the Contact 7 plugin: still no captcha images appear, so I gather that I must tell my web man to make the wpcf7_captcha folder writable….

    It would be good to let WP 2.8.6 users know about all these issues from the start…if it works, I’ll let you know…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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