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  • Hi guys,

    We’ve generated the readme file using the readme Generator ( tool.

    For some reason the installation section is getting put under the FAQ section with the title Installation Instructions.

    We see a lot of other plugins with their own tab labelled installation and we would like to have this as well for our plugin.

    Are there any known issues that we’ve missed? Or is there something unusual going on with how the readme is being interpreted?

    We put the readme.txt through the validator which yields the following results:

    • No == Screenshots == section was found
    • No donate link was found

    You can see it in action here:,

    Many thanks,

    Node Development team

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  • This appears to be an intentional decision by the plugin directory team. They revised plugin submission guidelines to only allow standard installation plugins. The decision eliminated the need for an installation section in most cases and it was removed/hidden. They later revised it to prepend any installation section in the readme to the FAQs. You can read more here.

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    Thanks for the link csloisel!

    Makes sense. Its interesting how this hasn’t affected all the plugins, you will still see some plugins with the install section. I wonder if its for newly submitted plugins.

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