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    Yes we are actively supporting all of our works 🙂

    But our support forums are over at and not here. I also did not receive any notification of your message on here.

    But I think you already saw that and posted a message there. Will answer over at

    The links above to the support forums are broken. Try here instead:

    The Settings page for Razuna is pretty much meaningless to a user. You never explain whether this is supposed to link to some outside repository or to a WordPress uploads directory or how the plugin relates to WordPress. What is the Hostname? How should it relate to WordPress directories? What is Host ID? Should I just make one up? What is a DAM path? How does it relate to WordPress directories?

    When I click “Test Configuration” nothing happens except the little “working” icon starts to spin and keeps spinning forever.

    When I click “Save Changes” the changes are saved but nothing else happens. I still have no way to manage my files or see any sort of Razuna forms or see any changes to the Media Library.

    Is this plugin completely broken, or is just so undocumented that there’s no way to figure out how to get it to work?

    You say you “did not notice the questions here in the WordPress forum”. Hint: there is a checkbox at the bottom of Worpress forums to notify you by email when someone posts something in the WordPress Razuna forum, if you bothered to do that, you would be able to support your product the same way every other WordPress plugin is supported.

    Poor plugin documentation + Not following plugin forum + Plugin doesn’t work = Epic fail. Razuna looks like a great project, why don’t you put some minimum effort into the WordPress plugin for it?

    Plugin Author razuna



    As you found out the official support forums for Razuna and all its products is at Furthermore, there is a video showing you how it work at

    The plugin work either with our hosted platform or with your self hosted Razuna installation. Depending on the installation type, you either simply enter your subdomain and user/password (for the shared platform) or additional information for the self hosted one.

    The plugin is not broken, as we have over 1000 users and we just updated it. So, if you have any issue or ideas then we look forward to help or hear your feedback.

    Thank you.

    Thanks for the reply. The video is completely uninformative in regards to any of the things I mentioned above. The following two paragraphs would tell users the options and requirements for using the plugin and would have saved me a morning’s work. With so much software available, it really helps people decide to use yours if you let them know up front what will be required to get it running.

    On the Razuna WordPress plugin page:

    This plugin requires either a Razuna account or a Razuna stand-alone server. An account will bring you the power of cloud-based digital asset management for a low fee. The stand-alone server is free and open source, can be downloaded at [link] and can be easily installed on most systems that support the Sun Java JDK.

    On the Razuna WordPress Settings page:

    These settings refer to a pre-existing Razuna server or account. Please visit [link] for details.

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