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    Hi Derek

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve put a “broken” vote on the plugin page. Didn’t want to just ‘hit and run’ – thought it better to let you know who I am.

    I’ve downloaded the plugin and experimented … just can’t get it to work as I believe it should, from what you’ve written on the WordPress pages and on your own ‘plugin’ page.

    I even tried copying and pasting your example code, just in case I was being wordblind or missing the “bleedin’ obvious” … but that didn’t work either.

    So .. either I’m even more crap than I admit to, or “something is rotten in Denmark”.

    Best regards

    (-: Michael 🙂

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  • Hi Michael,

    I just came across the RAWR plugin myself and will be testing soon. You mentioned you marked the plugin as broken. As of today, this plugin has 0 for people who have reported this as broken.

    Did you retract your “broken” vote? Is this still an issue for you?

    Thanks for sharing your notes.

    David Carroll

    Hi David

    Sorry for the delay in responding … only just logged onto email and found your message.

    No, I didn’t retract my vote. Maybe you are using a different version of WordPress to the one I was using when I voted. The votes are made up of two parts – the plugin version and the WordPress version. So a plugin that works when you you use version 1.0 with WordPress version 2.9 may well work, whereas a plugin version 1.0 may not work with version 3.2.1, which is what I voted for, and which still comes up if you choose this combination.

    I didn’t get the plugin working, so in that respect it’s still an issue. I can’t honestly remember if I achieved the same thing using a different plugin, or if I just gave up trying to write raw code.

    If you can’t find another way round, and want me to check if I found one, I’ll dig around. For various reasons, it isn’t easy to do so right now, so if you don’t need me to, I’ll avoid the distraction.

    Best regards

    (-: Michael 🙂

    I should add that not getting it to work MAY just be me, and MY limitations or stupidity. So it shouldn’t stop you at least trying, at least if there are no other obvious alternatives.

    I seem to recall that it was pretty easy to remove, so there are no real downsides to trying it yourself, other than the loss of a few minutes of your time if it doesn’t work for you.

    Ah, thanks for the response… It turns out that using the arrow key to change the selected version number will not update the reported broken count. The broken vote count only changes with a mouse click event and not with the keypress event.

    I’ve worked with Raw HTML, Raw HTML Pro and Raw HTML Snippets plugins. Personally, I think Raw HTML Snippets is the sure way to work with embedded html scripts. What makes [Raw HTML Snippets] work is you save the embedded html scripts separate from the post record. The embedded html scripts would be referenced via a short code which is added to the post itself.

    The process is a bit disjointed. However, it completely eliminates the step where WordPress filters out embedded html scripts within the post content. I like Raw HTML Pro because it works with markup directly in the post itself. The problem is there are scenarios where the scripts gets stripped out when toggling between visual mode and HTML mode in the post editor.

    The tough thing is sometimes toggling editor modes works and other times the embedded html scripts is stripped out. Raw HTML Pro used to work more reliably. Not sure if Raw HTML Pro has issues with recent WP upgrades or with other plugins I’ve installed.

    Regardless, I was considering writing a more reliable version of this plugin myself and was hoping RawR (Raw Html Revisited) would be a good alternative. I’ll let you know my thoughts on RawR if I can get it to work. I haven’t yet tested if it works yet. I’ll let you know about that as well.

    Thanks Again,

    David Carroll

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