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[Plugin: Rating-Widget] Rate forum posts

  • Since the CPT nature of the upcoming bbPress plugin will render this feature useless I would understand if it falls too low in priority, but after all there’s still no release date set for the WIP plugin.

    I’m pretty much looking for the exact same feature that this existing plugin facilitates:

    This is not about reinventing the wheel, but rather seamless integration and consistency. I would really like to apply the Rating Widget to our site, but it would only add confusion if we started running two separate rating plugins that don’t affect one another’s total scores.

    Maybe ‘dwenaus’ could be willing to help maintain such a new part of this plugin? After all it’s been almost 3 months since that plugin was updated, so maybe it’d be for the best if it was consumed by a more active and comprehensive project, brutal as that may sound ;P


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  • Plugin Author vovafeldman


    Forum ratings is already listed on our TODOs list 🙂
    I will notify you as soon as it will be ready and deployed.

    Fantastic. Thanks for notifying.

    Have you looked into the feasibility of a migration from buddypress-rate-forum-posts to rating-widget without any data loss? We pretty much depend on transferring our current rating data over if we wanna make the transition. I’m working with a team of talented engineers though, so we might find a solution of our own if it comes down to that 🙂

    Plugin Author vovafeldman


    From the first glance of “buddypress-rate-forum-posts” it seems like all ratings data are locally saved on WP db, so I’m sure that there is a way to migrate the data.

    I just want to clear some stuff:

    • Are you talking about jMonkeyEngine community site?
    • Are you talking about bbPress forum? or BuddyPress forum?

    Yes I’m talking about the jMonkeyEngine community site.
    We’re using the bundled bbPress component of BuddyPress. Once the bbPress plugin is stable we plan to migrate to that, like everyone else.

    Plugin Author vovafeldman


    So you want Rating-Widget integrated for the upcoming bbPress forum? or for the bundled bbPress component of BuddyPress?

    For bundled component 🙂

    Plugin Author vovafeldman


    O.K, it can be done! I believe that the integration will be ready not longer than two weeks from today. Will start with it as soon as will finish our first priority tasks. Does it sounds good?

    Sounds positively awesome.

    Plugin Author vovafeldman


    May you contact me using the email – vova@rating-widget.com, or post your email, so we can talk privately. I have a great news for you.

    From what I’m seeing, this keeps track of user karma while the Rating Widget is more focused on tracking the most popular content.

    Ideally I’d like to see a solution that did both.

    Are there plans to make this plugin compatible with bbPress 2.x? I tried installing it with bbPress 2.x but I don’t see the ability to rate content in my forum posts.

    Plugin Author vovafeldman


    Sorry, but currently I’m not developing a new features – I’m just to busy 🙂 I’m only supporting the current functionality.

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