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  • maestro2012


    I would like to be able to choose between PayPal and bank account. For example, the ability to disable paypal, and leave only the transfer to the account given, or give two options to choose from.
    A useful ability to easily modify the styles (css).
    Currently, you must modify the plugin files for each update.
    I would get something like that.
    Is could be done:

    Now: Filename | 9.95 | 4.00 |

    Why after product’s name must be a price? Why not be a, description or shipping price?

    after: name = “<div class=”xxxxx”> filename </ div> description = <div class=”yyyyy”> text text text </ div>” text “price =” 9.95 “, etc.

    Maybe another solution. But this is the current inflexible

    Allow to insert html code in products.
    Maybe a good solution would be to allow a simple change in the style of the product.
    The plugin is poor flexibility.

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  • maestro2012


    I test the plugin, my firs post have some mistakes 🙂
    Very cool plugin. A simple without unnecessary features, but too simple.
    A good feature is the insertion of products using short code, instead of separate entries.

    I do not know whether the author intends to develop in some way this plug, because I would gladly use it, but would be a useful extension of functionality.

    I have some suggestions to the author:

    – Add a field description.
    – Add “custom output formatting” – as in the plugin “Download monitor”.
    – Add bank transfers.

    I have problem with decimal point in widget. I insert “,” in “Decimal point” but in widget i have still “.”
    In quickshop/products i must instert prices with “.”

    I know that the description can be added independently, but then it will be outside the structure of the product.

    This would give a plugin greater flexibility.

    Sorry for my English 🙂

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