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  • Vekica,
    No, the plugin does not write to the .htaccess, it uses the WordPress internal redirect function wp_redirect().

    The plugin is designed to help people who don’t know how to (or can’t) set up redirect using .htaccess. It is something that can be used to quickly add a simple redirect for a menu item, an old page, or just a temporary redirect.

    My original reason for creating it years ago, was because a client I had was always putting the wrong URLs on print advertising materials and they wanted a way to get the people to the right page without having to edit any server settings (as they were not adept at doing it anyway). After about the 3rd or 4th time they contacted me to add it manually, I came up with the plugin to redirect non-existing pages to the correct ones, easily. The key point being easily – so they they could do it without me. Fast forward a several years and it is surprising how difficult it is to still redirect old/bad URLs in WordPress (I would have thought they would have had their own functionality by now). I am also surprised to see how many ways people actually use the plugin – most of which I would never have thought of – and many in ways that the plugin was never actually intended for – but still work great. My initial plugin predates most redirect plugins that were available for WordPress … but the public release of it was not until years later, but I found there was still the need for it.

    Sorry for the history lesson and walk down memory lane – but it was on my mind. The simple answer again, was ‘no, it uses wp_redirect()’!

    Warm regards,

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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