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  • I love this plugin! It’s one of the small things that do exactly what you expect them to do.

    I have one small request though. At this moment the notice bar covers the top area of my site. Which, in my theme’s case, happens to be the top navigation. Could the notice bar push the site down instead, the way the wp admin bar works?

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  • Oh, one more thing. Could the notice bar stay hidden once a visitor to the site hides it? At this moment, even if I hide it on the index site it returns when I go to any subpage or refresh the site.

    Plugin Author Shahjada


    Thanks for your idea, we’ll add it soon.


    First I want to say thanks for developing this plugin – I see how this will be very usefull for me and my clients.

    I actually went looking for this forum in hopes of asking the exact same two questions as Sylwia. I am very interested in deploying this plugin on a few sites but it just doesn’t feel right without these two requests.

    1) Update the positioning of the quick-notice bar so that it pushes the content of the website down instead of overlaying itself on top.

    2) After the user clicks on the arrow to collapse the the quick-notice bar they should not have to close it again when they navigate to another page.

    Thanks again for your hard work and of course for supporting WP!

    Hi there,

    Thanks for this plugin, it’s really useful.

    I’m here with the same requests as the previous posters and am glad to see it will be added in a later release. Currently the most important thing for me is the fact that the bar covers up the top of the site and I was wondering if you can recommend a work-around. I’ve managed to edit the code to remove unnecessary social networking functions and to change editing permissions, but I’ve had no success so far with the overlap problem. If you can suggest a line or two of code that I could add to fix it I’d be very grateful!

    Thanks again!

    I would also be interested in quick workarounds for both of these issues.

    1) The overlapping header information
    2) keeping the notice bar closed once user hides it.

    Plugin Author Shahjada


    thanks for your request, I’m adjusting those on next version. btw, next update will be released within mid November.


    Thank you! I know the users of your plugin will greatly appreciate these updates. I will be sure to rate it 5 stars after the mid november release. Also, I noticed a spelling error in your source code. On line 160 of quick-notice.php the word ‘Settings’ is miss-spelled.


    Hi… I’m echoing the same requests as those above. Any news of the update yet? Thanks

    Using Internet Explorer the Quick Notice Bar has some strange symbols at the end of my sentence (little “a” with a circle on top). Is anyone else experiencing this problem and do you know a fix?

    You can see what I man by going to this site with Internet Explorer:

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