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  • On a site with Catalyst framework, I get an occasional blank page here and there until I clear the cache. I have no idea what it is, but it’s such a critical problem I had no choice but to turn it off. I can’t turn it on again to debug it as who knows which page will be blank on my site of hundreds of pages. So, any ideas on what it could be? What I can do?

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  • Is it blank or just taking forever to load? I’m having the same problem all of the sudden… Quick Cache isn’t caching for some reason. Twice in one week I’ve had this problem out of the blue.

    It’s just not showing the content. I’ve let it sit for a long, long time before giving up on it. And maybe just a couple times a week (that I knew of) for me too. The scary part is that I never knew unless someone alerted me, and it could be one page, hidden inside my site somewhere that I would never know about. Too risky to run the plugin. Unfortunately. I liked it.

    I have the same problem. It started about 1-2 weeks ago. I noticed it about 4 times since and usually the home page was among the blank ones. 🙁
    I’m running wordpress 3.3.1
    I really hope a fix is on the way, as I can’t afford not to have the caching turned on. I have 1400 articles and 4000 comments.

    The problem is getting worse. Today it happened 3 times. I’m forced to switch to another caching plugin. 🙁

    Doe3: Yup. It’s dangerous to use. I suggest everyone with more than a handful of pages they can monitor every hour disable the plugin.

    It’s a shame because I really liked this plugin, switching from w3 Total Cache.

    slobizman: I’ll try Wp Super Cache tonight. Setting up W3 Total Cache properly is beyond my capabilities running a multilingual site with WPML.
    Are you using a caching plugin now?

    I’ve sued Super Cache and it wasn’t as good as W3TC IHMO. Can’t remember the details now,it’s been a while. W3TC is actually pretty simple to set up, actually. Mostly ake the defaults. The more difficult part is the CDN, but that is optional.

    The problem I encountered with W3TC was that when I switched languages the page would get stuck in that language even after clicking the language switcher.
    I’ll give WP Super Cache a try and see.



    Same problem here. I had to force a refresh to get those blank sites visible. I think I must switch too 🙁 Site is here:



    I’ve also unfortunately run into this problem running WP Multisite 3.4.2.

    The first time I installed Quick Cache it worked great for about 3 days and then I’m not sure what happened but everything got real slow. So I uninstalled it for a few days and tried W3TC. W3TC wasn’t really what I wanted for my Multisite so I decided to try QC once again.

    This time it worked great for like 1 day and then I got the white empty pages. So I had to uninstall it again. From what I’ve read on their site they’re working on an updated version. So hopefully they’ll have something for us in the next few weeks or months.

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