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    huh sorry to up that one but the help file does NOT mention this.

    If Quick Cache is installed under a Multisite/Networking installation, it will be enabled for ALL blogs the same way.

    does not specially means that the plugin MUST be network activated.

    please any answer ?


    I have it network activated on one multisite installation, and that works fine. In another installation I accidentally activated it on a single site, which resulted in the plugin disappearing from the plugin list of that site. No settings or whatsoever showing in the admin menu.

    does it purge as it should on multisites? mine don’t. when i update or publish post homepage is still cached. anybody having same issue?

    Ron Strilaeff


    I think the author needs to clarify his installation doc.

    To activate QC on multi-site, navigate to the Network-Admin -> Dashboard -> Installed Plugins. Find the “Quick Cache” plugin and press the “Network Activate” link. Refresh the page and you should a new menu section on the left sidebar labeled “Quick Cache”. Click on Config Options and enable it under the first options (on/off).

    Activating it under a subsite will have no effect except to make it disappear from the list of plugins available to that subsite. To me that’s a minor bug in his installation logic. It should not ever show up under the subsites since all configuration has the same effect for the whole wp installation.

    It’s not clear how the dynamic cache pruning works, since I chose the option “single + front page”, then edited a page on a subsite but the home page of that subsite did not get purged (re-cached). But the edited page was re-cached. And this proves that activating it on the admin site DOES make it active on the subsites (all the cached pages are saved (as human-readable text files) in the same wp-content/cache folder).

    Please help. When I install to the network and click Network Activate and then refresh the page, I do NOT get a new menu section in my sidebar. I get a “Clear Cache” button in the top menu bar, but no way to configure options for my network. any ideas?


    It seems like those Quick Cache config options are only available when you are looking at: or
    but NOT

    Even though I’m logged in as superadmin in all cases. Is that what it looks like to you?

    This does seem a bit strange at first, but it is supersite-wide config option similar to adding a new plugin. And I know that I have a healthy installation of multisite (subdomain) with a Quick Cache that is fully functional.

    Thanks, Ron. I’ve gone into my main site and then network activated the plugin, but nothing new shows in my sidebar – and I am definitely on my network admin screen logged in to my main site…and yet I have a “clear cache manually” option at the top of the screen on each of my sites.

    Any ideas?

    I have similar problem. I did for some reason reinstalation of this plugin, and after network activation, I cant see them.

    TIP:? many months ago I deleted “admin” account and maybe not clearly … But still now I have two super-admin…

    i see qc menu only here:
    not on my main site..

    Well Jen, you said in another thread that QC is working. By default, after installation it is turned off, so in order to turn it on, at some point you must have been able to see the config options in your admin sidebar. Did it just go away?

    Your options should be visible under when you are logged an as super admin (the same username that lets you install a plugin to multisite).

    It may not show up on your main site if you are only logged in as a site admin.

    If that doesn’t work, I suggest a reinstall of the plugin.

    Hi Ron,

    That was an install on a site that is completely independent of this network – I have 200+ sites that I’m trying to manage on a variety of servers and configurations.

    I’m definitely logged in with super admin so I’ll try a re-install Thanks.

    Tried re-installing both through the WP interface and manually through FTP and I still can’t get the settings / config to show up 🙁

    So my next question is, is there a way for me to manually turn on the plugin? Whereas in the interface I just have that one “turn on” choice to make…can I do that through the backend somehow?

    Link is img of my network super admin dashboard:


    I instal another cache plugin….

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